Neonates Chapter 16

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  1. The PEEP adjustment on the babybird ventilator is located:
    On the expiratory valve
  2. What is TRUE regarding the Babybird2 ventilator?
    The patient can be ventilated in the event of a power failure using teh manual inspiration button
  3. While using the V.I.P. bird ventilator, the "vent inop" alarm is activated. Which of the problems is a possible cause of the alarm?
    The incoming oxygen pressue has dropped below 22.5 PSIG.
  4. Which would make the best transport ventilator?
    Bio-Med MVP-10
  5. When using the bio-med MVP-10 at an oxygen flow of 6 L/min and an airflow of 7 L/min, what represents the correct FiO2.
  6. Proper function of the BEAR Cub pneumatic control system requires what?
    The use of 3/16" proximal airway pressure tubing
  7. What best describes the MMV mode of ventilation when using the Hamilton Veolar ventilator?
    MMV is basically spntaneous breathing with the addition of pressure support
  8. When using the infant star ventilator, which alarm would indicate a blocked inspiratory tube?
  9. While monitoring a patient on a Newport Breeze ventilator, the practitioner notices the pressure manometer is pulled below 0 on each spontaneous breath. This indicates which of the following?
    The trigger level is set inappropriately
  10. Which of the following ventilators has the option of providing a sine-wave inspiratory flow pattern?
    Sechrist IV-100
  11. While using the Sechrist IV-200 SAVI system, the practitioner notes that while the patient is breathing spontaneously, the ventilator is not synchronized to the patient's breaths. What is the most likely source or the problem?
    The sensitivity is improperly set
  12. While working whith a patient on a Servo 900C ventilator, the physician asks for the actual flow rate. The setting are:
    Set minute volume = 3.6 liters
    Set breath rate = 15
    Inspiratory time %= 5
    The actual flow rate for this patient is:
    11 L/min
  13. A patient is being ventilated on a Servo 300 ventilator. While doing a ventilator check, you are asked to provide the set tidal volume. What formulas would you use?
    Minute volume/CMV frequency
  14. What monitor is able to measure tidal volumes?
    BEAR NVM-1
  15. What statement best describes the function of the continuous flow button on the Partner volume monitor?
    It allows the monitor to measure volumes even when continuous flow is present.
  16. An increase in the rise time, as displayed on a Sechrist Model 600 airway pressure monitor, indicates what?
    The compliance or resistance has changed
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