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  1. What is personality demostrated by?
    The talkive exerciser...The long runner...The group exerciser...The exercise instructor
  2. -Chracteristics of random athletes
    Focuse, introverted, aggresive, nervous, boisterous.
  3. Social lerning theories:
    • : I'm only aggresive when the situation calls for it.
    • Im aggressive all the time
    • Im never aggressive.
    • Im aggressive only when it is socially acceptable.
  4. B=F(P,E)
    Behavior is a function of the person and the enviroment.
  5. -A, B, C
    • A= Affect (feelings)
    • B= Behavior
    • C= Cognition (thoughts)
    • All are changing, all are interconnected, all are dynamic.
  6. concept/esteem
    • -Hight: low anxiety, greater optimist, happiness, ability to cope-
    • Low: Depression, suicidal thoughts, disorderely conduct
    • .High: Better performance, greater motivation, decreased boredom and axiety
    • Low: Lack of motivation, poor self image.
  7. Self concept:
    -I am a great free throw shooter-descriptive aspect.
  8. Self esteem:
    -Evaluative aspect-"Im a total failure"
  9. How do we change our body image?
    exercise, drugs, control eating, counseling, clothings choices.
  10. self efficacy
    • -Situation specific form of self confidence - Belief that one is competent and can do whatever is nesscessary to acheive expected outcomes.
    • Self efficacy fluctuates depending on multiple factors
    • Self confidence is more global/stable.
  11. Collective efficacy
    • -Shared belief of group members in their joing capabilities as a group to execute a task successfully.
    • -situations where this be necessary for success.
  12. Fox physical Self perception profile?
    Perceptions of ability and confidence in the athletic works.
  13. Fox:Physical Condition:
    Perceptions of condition and stamina, confidence in the fitness settings.
  14. Fox: Body attractiveness
    Perceived attractivness confidence in appareance.
  15. Fox: Physical Strength
    Perceived strength, muscle development, confience in situations requiring strength.
  16. Fox: self worth
    General feeling of happiness, satisfaction, pride, respect, and confidence in physical self..
  17. -What effects?Performance accomplishments-Most powerful, practice makes perfect, success breeds success.
  18. -What drives people/determines change?
    desire to accomplish soemthing different, to excel ones self, to rival and surpass others.
  19. high/low achieversHigh achievers:
    • - High motive to approach success and low motive to avoid failure. Dont worry about possible failures.
    • -Low achiever: Worry about failure. Avoid achievement situations.Seek where failure is unlikely.
  20. Classical condition
    learn by association
  21. Operent conditioning
    • Learning new skills and maintaining conditions.
    • More relevant to sport.-tangible rewards: trophies, tshirts
    • -
    • non tangiblep- Verbal praise, cheers, acknowledgement.
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