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  1. POB
  2. SID
  3. IR
  4. PT
    PA/AP - pt supine or prone, arms @ sides, turn head slightly to right

    RAO/LPO - Pt RAO or LPO position

    Lat - Pt true lateral, arms forward
  5. Part
    RAO/LAO - MSP forming an angle 35-40 deg from grid device

    Lat - center MCP to grid
  6. IRC
    PA/AP - center MSP to grid

    RAO/LPO - CTR elevated side to grid to a plane approx 2" lateral to MSP

    Lat - MCP
  7. CR
    perp midpt of IR, @ level T5/T6
  8. ID
    PA/AP & RAO/LPO - PA or AP depending on proj on RT side of IR

    Lat - AP on anterior aspect of PT
  9. CM
  10. Resp
    Ask pt to swallow several mouthfuls of barium in rapid succession and then hold a mouthful until immediately before the exposure
  11. SN
    - for demo of esophageal varices, instruct the pt (1) to fully expirate and then to swallow the barium bolus and avoid inspiration until the exposure has been made or (2) to take a deep breath, while holding the breath, to swallow the bolus and then perform the Valsalva maneuver

    - for other conditions, instruct the pt simply to swallow the barium bolus, which is normally done during moderate inspiration. Because resp is inhibited for aout 2 sec after swallowing, the pt does not have to hold his or her breath for the exposure
  12. GS
  13. SS
    Contrast filled esophagus, lower part of neck to esophagogastric junction
  14. EC
    Evidence proper collimation, esophagus from the lower part of the neck to its entrance into the stomach, esophagus filled with barium, penetration of the barium

    PA/AP - Esophagus through the superimposed thoracic vert, no rotation of pt

    RAO/LPO - esophagus between the vert and heart

    Lat - pts arms not interfering with visualization of the proximal esophagus, ribs post to vert superimposed to shoe that the pt was not rotated
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