chapter 8

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  1. True/ False

    The Nervous System is the bodies control center
  2. What are the functions of the Nervous System?
    • Senses changes in the internal and external environments
    • Integrates/processes information received from the sensory
    • Responds to received stimuli by initiating voluntary/involuntary responses that involve organ systems.
  3. What are the two major divisions of the nervous system?
    • central nervous system (CNS)
    • peripheral nervous system (PNS)
  4. What are the functions of the CNS
    • This is the control center for the nervous system
    • Consists of the brain and spinal cord
    • Processes sensory information and issues commands(response)
    • Stores information(memory) and generates emotions.
  5. What is the PNS?
    • The PNS is the link between the CNS and the rest of the body.
    • Consist of cranial nerves, spinal nerves, and ganglia.
  6. Define

    Cranial nerves
    originate from the brain, carrying signals to and from the brain.
  7. What are spinal nerves?
    connected to the spinal cord carrying signals to and from the spinal cord.
  8. Ganglia
    clustered cellbodies of neurons outside the CNS.
  9. What are the two major divisions of the PNS
    • Afferent Division
    • Efferent(motor)division
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