Physical evaluation

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  1. what do you do about fears
    open communication
  2. what length should appointment the and what time of the day?
    Morning appointments that are short
  3. what preoperative sedation do you use
    • short acting benzodiazepine
    • night before or one hour before point
  4. what sedation DUs during the procedure
    nitrous oxide
  5. what do you do before you use the injection
    profound topical local anesthesia
  6. when do you contact the patient&
    in the evening
  7. What is normal blood pressure
    • systolic less than 120
    • diastolic less than 80
    • recheck in two years
  8. what is pre-hypertension level
    • systolic between 120 and 139
    • diastolic between 80 and 89
    • recheck in one year
  9. what is stage I hypertension
    • systolic between 140 and 159
    • diastolic between 90 and 99
    • confirm within two months
  10. what is stage II hypertension
    • systolic greater than 180
    • diastolic greater than 100
    • referred for care in a month, if higher than that, treat immediately or within one week
  11. what are the four A's
    • antibiotics
    • anesthesia
    • anxiety
    • allergy
  12. what is the one be
  13. what is the one see
    chair position
  14. what are the two D
    • drugs
    • devices
  15. what are the twoE
    • equipment
    • emergencies
  16. what three main categories will predict a higher risk of acquiring infective endocarditis
    • any valve replacement
    • rheumatic heart disease
    • previous endocarditis
  17. When will Nail clubbing occur with infective endocarditis
    within a few weeks
  18. if a patient who had a cardiac transplantation develops cardiac complications, do they need prophylaxis
  19. what procedures will you recommend prophylaxis
    • anything manipulating gingival tissue
    • periapical region of teeth
    • perforation of mucosa
  20. what dental procedures are exempt from this that that.endocarditis prophylaxis^
    • anesthetic injections in normal tissue
    • taking dental radiographs
    • placement of orthodontic appliances
    • shedding of baby teeth
    • bleeding from trauma to lips on mucosa
  21. Identifiable causes of hypertension
    the first three starts with C
    • chronic kidney disease
    • coarctation of the aorta
    • Cushing syndrome
  22. identifiable causes of hypertension
    it starts with D, oh, P, P.
    • Drug induced or drug related
    • obstructive uropathy
    • pheochromocytoma
    • primary aldosterone excess
  23. identifiable causes of hypertension
    • Reno vascular hypertension
    • sleep apnea
    • thyroid or parathyroid disease
  24. early signs and symptoms of hypertensive disease
    five exist
    • elevated blood pressure
    • narrowing and sclerosis of retinal arterioles
    • headache
    • dizziness
    • tinnitus
  25. advanced signs and symptoms of hypertension disease
    • rupture and hemorrhage of arteries
    • papillary edema
    • left ventricular hypertrophy
    • proteinuria
    • congestive heart failure
    • angina pectoris
    • renal failure
    • dementia
    • encephalopathy
  26. lifestyle modifications for prevention and reduction of high blood pressure
    • weight-loss
    • diet improvement
    • reduce cholesterol
    • reduced fat
    • reduced sodium
    • increased physical activity
    • limit alcohol intake
  27. goes
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