ANT 302 Review

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  1. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
    Language helps us determine how we see and think about the world. Language restricts the thought of people who use it and the limits of one's language become the limits of one's world.
  2. Ethnography
    Written description and interpretation of a culture and a set of cultural practices
  3. Clifford Geertz
    How symbols shape the ways people see, feel, think about the world
  4. Benjamin Whorf
    ”Standard average European" cultures are in a mental straight-jacket in which events are packaged in boxes, such as days, hours, minutes: a length of time, he argued, "is envisioned as a row of similar units, like a row of bottles."
  5. Key Symbols
    • In every culture, certain symbols acquire greater significance
    • These symbols serve as major vehicles for conceptualization of notions such as justice, freedom, peace, success
    • These symbols both articulate and reinforce key ideas or feelings
  6. Ferdinand de Saussure
    • •Swiss linguist, father of semiotics
    • •Understands culture as a system of signs
    • •Widely influential French structuralist from the 1950s and 1960s
    • •A key concept of his approach is “the arbitrariness of the sign”
    • •People have the ability to assign meaning to anything they experience in an arbitrary fashion
  7. Liminality
    • •The period between states
    • •The limbo during which people have left one place or state but haven’t yet entered or joined the next one.
  8. Victor Turner
    •suggests three phases in rite of passage -- ritual for transition:–Separation from an existing identity–Transition (liminal stage)–Reintegration to society with new status
  9. Contingent Rituals
    • 1.Life-cycle ceremonies: birth, puberty, marriage, death
    • 2.Rituals of affliction: performed when a crisis occurs: in the face of illness, war, injury, bad luck, etc
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