TG Triangles in TG

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  1. What is a Equilateral triangle?
    • A Equilateral triangle is when all the sides are equal and all angles are equal.
  2. What is a Isosceles triangle
    • A Isosceles triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles
  3. What is a Scalene triangle?
    • A Scalene triangle has no equal sides and no equal angles.
  4. What is a Acute angled triangle?
    • A Acute angled triangle has three acute angles i.e. three andgles less than 90 degrees.
  5. What is a Right Angled triangle?
    • A Right Angled triangle has one right angle and two acute angles.
  6. What is an obtuse-angled triangle?
    An obtuse-angled triangle has one obtuse angle angle and two acute angles. An obtuse angle is an angle over 90 degrees.

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TG Triangles in TG
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