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  1. What type of insurance protects the designer in case a mistake on a drawing results in bodily injury or property damage
    Professional liability
  2. Some states require interior designers to have a license to practice. This requirement is based on the states
    Practice act
  3. During which phase does the interior designer typically finalize the floor plan layout
    Design Development
  4. A standard AIA contract between an interior designer and a client must include
    Project cost, Agreement termination methods, client responsibilities
  5. Moonlighting by employees may be prohibited under
    an employess contract
  6. For account purposes, a copy machine is considered
    A fixed assest
  7. What type of insurance is an owner NOT required to carry
    Errors and Omissions
  8. What type of insurance is LEAST necessary for a medium sized interior design firm
    Employee Health
  9. AIA documnet A251, General Conditions of the Contract for Furniture, furnishings, and equipment, requires the contractot to carry insurance for all of the following
    Damages resulting from the use of motor vehicles, personal injury of people other than employees of the contractor, destruction of tangible property other than the work itself
  10. An interior designer wants to redue fees to be competitive in a local market. The designer should first consider reducing
    interior labor cost
  11. What type of insurance protects the designer in case of a mistake on a drawing results in bodily injury or property damage
    Professional liability
  12. Under AIA Documents B152, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Architectural Interior Design Services, an interior designer's services include:
    design development, specification production, shop srawing review, and final punch list
  13. Which of the following are typically required of an interior design firm that resells furniture and bills clients
    local business license and sales tax license
  14. Which of the following is a design firm's principal LEAST likely to be interested in
    project progress reports
  15. Which accounting method is required for an interior design firm that alsosells furniture
  16. Which of the following cost is a reimbursable expense
    project related telephone calls
  17. Which of the following has the MOST influence on the scheduling of a design project
    size and complexity of the project
  18. The interior designer is NOT responsible for
    ensuring that the consultants' work is code compliant
  19. The locations of firm alarm pull stations are set by the
    electrical engineer
  20. A CPM Chart
    shows the shortest possible project schedule
  21. Which chart is MOST appropriate for a short, simple project
    Gantt chart
  22. It is solely the project manager's responsibility to schedule
    production of design documents
  23. When an interior designer is coordinating door locking mechanisms with the hardware consultants, the designer's drawings should include
    door numbers and schedule
  24. Project documentation alone CANNOT
    justify the total time spent on a particular project
  25. A project manager generally does NOT need to
    direct the firm's marketing efforts
  26. At the end of a project the project manager's primary responsibility is to
    direct closeout
  27. In a commercial interior design project, who is ultimately responsible for the design of the HVAS system's ceiling layout
    mechanical engineer
  28. Which of the following is normally performed or overseen by the project manager during the programming and pre-design phase of s project
    code review
  29. The method of constructing a fire-rated partition is typically indicated in the
    partition details
  30. Where on the construction drawings is it MOST appropriate to indicate the corridors conform to surface requirements for accessible routes
    on the detail section
  31. Smoke detector locations are shown on the
    reflected ceiling plan and electrical plan
  32. A designer has developed a new workstation layout for a large corporation client. The workstation is unlike anything the client has used previously. The designer could best communicate the design and functionality of the workstation by
    having a full-scale mockup built that includes the actual workstation furniture being used
  33. Which of the following is not typically found in a programming report
    material selections
  34. After a mockup had been built and reviewed and the client has approved it, it is typically
    incorporated into the actual construction
  35. Which type of line is rendered as a short-dashed line and represents an element not directly visible
    hidden line
  36. What kind of scale is best used to measure the size of a drawn feature in feet and decimal fractions of a foot
    an engineer's scale
  37. An orthographic drawing is an unreal view of an object primarily because
    the point of view is simultaneously directly in front of every point on the object's face
  38. Which 2 scales are most commonly used for floor plans using customary U.S. units
    1/8" = 1ft 0in ; 1/4" = 1ft 0in
  39. What caracterizes an isometric drawing
    all axes are drawn on the same scale
  40. What does VP stand for in a perspective drawing
    Vanishing Point
  41. A drawing that shows the top view of a building and its surroundings is called a
    site plan
  42. To confirm that a particular project meets material flammability requirements, an interior designer should
    contact the authority having jurisdiction
  43. the research the design of specialty hotel products, what would be the BEST resource for an interior designer
    internet websites specializing in interior design
  44. A manufacturer claims that its product meets an ASTM standard, but refers to the standard only by number and title. The interior designer can BEST review the standard by
    ordering the standard directly from ASTM or from a third-party seller
  45. Name a searchable, internet-bnased database that cna be used to find interior finish standards
    NSSN - A National Resource for Global Standards
  46. Which organization would be the BEST resource for an interior designer looking for independant, third-party information on the sustainability of architectural woodwork materials
  47. When selecting a sofa for a residential family room, an interior designer is generally least concerned with the sofa's
    tufting pattern
  48. A designer cna most improve the safety of a restaurant's design by
    avoiding a level change of one or two steps
  49. A programming report for a clinic in a stand-alone building states the controlling noise transmission is of critical importance. In designing the space plan, the interior designer can MOST effectively control noise by
    putting buffer rooms between noisy spaces and quiet spaces
  50. For most planning problems, the MOST efficient type of circulation system is a
    double-loaded corridor system
  51. Under the LEED for New Construction (NC) rating system, certification is NOT achievable unless
    an area for recyclables is provided
  52. The location of a new toilet room in an existing building would be MOST limited by the
    distance from the nearest soil stack
  53. Typically, the MOST effective action an interior designer can take to maximize daylighting is to
    specify a high-reflectance paint
  54. Abuilding interior is being planned the will include an atrium. Which of the following organizational schemes does this MOST strongly suggest
  55. Which of the following is generally NOT a critical planning concern for a commercial office space
    plan type
  56. A restaurant in an old building is undergoing remodeling. Which of the following existing elements would have the MOST influence over the space plan for the proposed dining area
    building dimensions
  57. Which of the following corridor elements must be finalized with the floor plan during design development
    door swings, recesses for drinking fountains, and corridor width
  58. Which type of plan is always needed to begin space planning in an existing building
    base plan
  59. Who is responsible for determining the condition of an existing floor as part of a due diligence investigation
    interior designer
  60. Which of the following will NOT contribute to certification under the LEED for Commercial Interiors rating system
    prevention of construction activity pollution
  61. Due dilligence requires the investigation and documentation of the
    • adequacy of the mechanical and electrical systems
    • structural capacity and existing egress in the building
    • elements related to the condition of the existing space
  62. An interior designer is qualified to investigate all of the following during a site analysis
    • condition of existing nonloadbearing partitions
    • existing support of a suspended ceiling system
    • location and number of plumbing fixtures
  63. a new office suite is planned for the 5th floor of a building. Which of the following characteristics would MOST affect egress planning
    area and shape of 5th floor and location of stairs
  64. A residential design in a rural area involves the addition of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Which of the following should be the 2 greatest concerns during the home's due diligence investigation
    heating system capacity and septic capacity
  65. As part of an ergonomic workstation desihn, how high should a keyboard be from the floor
    26in to 28 1/2in...With 27 in from the floor being the standard
  66. Which of the following statements regarding programming interviews is generally false
    They make efficient use of the interviewerls time
  67. An interior designer would be MOST likely to suggest to a mechanical engineer that additional ventilation or exhaust be provided in a
    corporation conference room
  68. An interior designer is researching ergonomic chairs for an office. Which of the following design criteria is LEAST important to consider
  69. Interior spaces often need to be multifunctional or flexible. What are the 3 components fo flexibility as a programmatic design concept
    convertability, expandability, and versatility
  70. Apart from being decorative, the primary advantage of using tapestries in Gothic and Renaissance castles was that they
    raised mean radiant temperatures
  71. According to William PEns's book, Problem Seeking, all design problems cna be stated in terms if form and wich other 3 factors
    function, economy, and time
  72. The 5-step process outlined in William Pena's book, Problem Seeking, suggest that the first step in gathering information about a client's needs is to establish goals. what is the suggested order of the remaining 4 steps
    collect and analyze facts, uncover and test concepts, determine needs, state the problem
  73. Which of the following would be MOST useful in selecting office locations within a corporate headquarters
  74. A composition of furniture and acrchitectural elements is organized around 3 or more axes intersecting at a common point. What type of balance is BEST illustrated by this composition
  75. A designer used the principal of harmony in order to
    elicit compositional unity from different
  76. When black is added to a color, the result is called a
  77. When 3 colors near each other on the standard color wheel are used together, the scheme is called
  78. Designers most commonly use wallpaper to create
  79. The prong system organizes colors according to
    3 primary and 3 secondary colors as arranged in a 2-d wheel
  80. Which of the following design principals would MOST approprately govern the design of a hotel lobby
  81. what does proxemics deal with
    the spacing between people and the organization fo those people
  82. Which of the following is MOST difficult to adopt into a general theory of design
    environmental design research
  83. MOSY people in the U.S. typically consuct business and relate to strangers at a distance
    between 4 ft and 12ft
  84. Which of the following should the interior cite ti support the includion of a large expansion of glass in a new office design
    factual evidence
  85. When an interior designer is coordination with an acoustical consultant, the designer's drawings should show
    construction details of critical acoustical elements
  86. Which follow-up activity is specifically required as part of an interior designer's standard service ofr interior construction
    reviewing the final application for payment from the contractor
  87. what should the interior designer do first if a client decides to make major revisions after a project has been tendered but before construction has started
    advise the client that making major revisions may delay the job and increase its cost and the additional fees will be charge for design and drawing revisions
  88. Which of the following should NOT be evaluated as part of a post-occupancy evaluation conducted as an additinal service under AIA's Standard Owner-Designer Agreement
    project management processes
  89. an interior designer has reviewed and approved the shop drawings fo the installation of a door with glazing between 2 existing block walls. During construction, the subcontractor responsible for installing the door discoveries tha it will not fit as planned. who is responsible for correcting and paying for the error
    general contactor
  90. A rational approach to design that emphasizes human-environmental interaction would MOST likely be based on
    environmental design research
  91. Organic, humanistic interior design of houses is BEST represented by the work of
    Frank Lloyd Wright
  92. A college formitory room shared by 2 people contains 2 identical sets of furnishings, symmetrically postioned. which of the following psychological needs is this arrangement attempting to satisfy
  93. an interior designer talking with a client could justify the use of bright colors in an elderly facility by referring to
    evidence from research
  94. Funstionalism emphasizes the use of the following
    • simplicity
    • plain surfaces
    • rational solutions
  95. What should a designer first take into account when designing a church's interior
  96. Proxemics would be MOST helpful to a designer who is deciding on the
    type and spacing of seating in an audiovisual presentation room
  97. An interior designer is creating the design concept for a home. In addition to satisfying the program and meeting the specific needs of the client, the designer would typically be MOST responsive to the influence
  98. A client has asked a designer to create an intimate seating area for a hospitalwaiting room. Which of the followingwill be MOST important in achieving the client's goal
  99. Which type of lighting would BEST enhance the apperance of a rough, plastered wall
    recessed incandescents close to the wall
  100. A designer wants to give viual weight to a sofa. Which of the following color combinations would be best choice for the sofa and the surrounding wall
    a color with a warm hue and a dark vaalue for the sofa and a much lighter color for the wall
  101. Which pair of design elements does a Parsons table primarily make use of
    volume and plane
  102. Which design element could be used to make a ceiling appear lower
    a dark, highly textures ceiling
  103. An interior design, the MOST difficult element of form to convey is the
  104. In an art gallery, an interior designer has provided space for hanging art by using partitions that are completely seperate from one another, never meeting at interior or exterior corners. What elemant of design had the designer utilized
  105. Colors near each other on the color sheel are called analogous colors
  106. Architectural mesh is MOST commonly used to create
  107. A designer wants to emphasize one particular item in a client's retail store. which of the following design features would best achieve this goal
    locating the item on a main circulation axis and highlighting it
  108. At a casual restaurant, the dining tables have identical base, but the tabletops are in differnt shapes and colors. The tables are equally spaced and distrubted evenly within a square space. Which design principal does this configuration BEST illustrate
  109. What represents the golden proportion
    A: B:: B : (A+B)
  110. which architect developed the modular system
    Le Corbusier
  111. 13 black and white photographs, all in frames of differnt styles and colors, are grouped on a wall that is painted a lght, cool gray. Which design principal does this illistrate
  112. MOST church plans are based on the design principal of
  113. The Parthenon, as it originally stood, was an excellent example of what design
  114. The principal of design that is usually MOST difficult to achieve is
  115. The Greek word phi, when used to stand for the irrational number 1.618 represents the
    golden ratio
  116. What would be the most important consideration in the design of ergonomically correct chairs for air traffic controllers
  117. What is the least important factor in the design of a computer workstation
    screen glare
  118. An interior designer is conductiong a programming interview with a client for a small clothing boutique. What question is the LEAST important for the designer to ask
    will restrooms be available to the customers
  119. A client complains that her office is too hot. The interior designer could MOST easily and economically improve the situation by suggesting an accessory that affects
  120. An interior designer would MOST likely use anthropometric information to
    determine the percentage of children who would be comfortable on custom designed benches in a puppet theatre
  121. In the 5 step programming process outlined by the book Problem Seeking, the 5th step is to state the problem. What is the order of the forst 4 steps
    establish goals, collect and analyze facts, uncover and test concepts, determine needs
  122. In addition to function, the book Problem Seeking names 3 other considerations for design problems, which are
    form, economy, and time
  123. What should be included in a project's programming documents
    • required spaces and thee areas
    • required adj. and furniture and equipt.
    • project goals and objectives
  124. When selecting an ergonomically correct chair for a laboratory bench, the interior designer should be MOST concerned with its
    adjustablilty, lumbar support, and footrest support
  125. The height of a desk work surface used for writing and other manual activities should be
    29-30 inches
  126. Thermal comfort for a person sitting in a classroom depends on
    • air movement
    • air temperature
    • radiation
    • humidity
  127. When developing adj. requirements, the interior designer must consider
    • contacts between people
    • transfer of objects
    • electronic information
  128. Spacing between people seated at a table, as measured form the center of one person to the center of another, should be atleast
    30 inches
  129. The BEST way to gather programming info. from workers in a large office is through
  130. Understanding a client's sustainability goals will help the interior designer
    focus site analyses on features that support sustainable design
  131. What existing condition in a building would MOST affect the cost of a new design
    lack of sprinkler system
  132. Which constitutes due dilligence in the field of interior design
    throughouly understanding and documenting the space which a client;s project will be located and its surrounding context
  133. Who is responsible for determining the location and general condition of existing light fixtures as part of a due dilligence investigation
    interior designer
  134. In determining whether a concrete floor slab in a multistory building cna be penetrated easily for electrical and data outlets, the interior designer should consult with the
    structural engineer
  135. List facts about the surrounding neighborhood that is relevant to whether a building can achieve LEED CI certification
    • The building is in a high-density walkable community
    • the guaranteed tenant parking is the minimum allowed by zoning requirements
    • the neighborhood has public transportation within 1/4 mile
  136. Before preparing construction documents, the interior designer should verify whether any particular types of lighting fixtures are required by coordinationg with the
    building owner
  137. The most appropriate time to determine the exact requirements for grab bars in a building's toilet room is during which project phase
    Design Development
  138. Which pairs of building coderequirements is MOST critical for the interior designer to know before starting the preliminary space planning
    number of exits and max distance to exits
  139. In which type of business would direct space adj. be LEAST necessary
    consumer product call center
  140. Which type of plan arrangement would be MOST appropriate for the entry, nave, alter, and choir of a church that is moving into an existing rectangular space
  141. The overall departmental relationships within a large company planning to occupy a multistory building would MOST likely be shown in
    stacking diagram
  142. preliminary space planning shows that it is impossible to satisfy all the programmed adj. shown on the adj. matrix, which has been approved by the client. What is the BEST course of action
    verify the adj. require physical connection, and then review the problem with the client
  143. Which is the most cost effective construction element for defining a space
    gypsum wallboard partition
  144. A design concept statement for a public gathering area around a fireplace in a ski lodge would probably NOT include
    size of the fireplace
  145. adj. requirements for the physical movement of goods in a manufacturing plant would best be illustrated with
  146. which are the most important factors in determining the space required for a nurses' station in a hospital
    work surface and storage requirements
  147. The LEAST important consideration in planning exit corridors is
    providing at least 2exits from rooms where they are required
  148. In preparing an FF&E budget, where would the interior designer get the MOST accurate cost information on a sofa
    a furniture dealer
  149. Information concerning limitations on the use of product can BEST be obtained from the
    manufacturer who makes the product
  150. An interior designer is looking for independent, 3rd party information specifically about a carpet's volatile organic compound emissions. THe BEST source would be the
    Green label plus program
  151. Which pair of performance tests should be specified for a custom-blended fabric that will be used in a recreation center's reception area
    Wyzenbeek and Fade o meter
  152. What are the 3 most important characteristics to assess in a custom blendedfabric that will be used in a public area
    • wearability
    • flammability
    • fade resisitance
  153. To verify a manufacturer's claim that its product has met hte requirements of an ASTM standard, the interior designer should
    requeest detailed information from tne manufacturer
  154. What item does NFPA 701 relate to
  155. To learn what regulations may apply to a project using window blinds with cords, the interior designer should contact the
    local authority having jurisdiction
  156. An interior designer can determine what products an independant rep. is handling by consulting
    a line chart
  157. What organization sets standards for commercial office furniture
  158. What does SP indicate in a perspective drawing
    station point
  159. A perspective drawing if the BEST type of drawing to use when presenting to a client because it
    is most like the way space and objsects are actually perceived
  160. Which scale should never be used for interior design construction drawings
    3/16" = 1'
  161. When creating a scale drawing thet will be reproduced in a printed publication, what is generally the best type of scale to include on the drawing in order to accurately show the sizes of features not specifically dimensioned
    A graphic scale
  162. A quick sketch perspective drawing cna MOST easily be made by
    using a perspective grid
  163. An accurate representation of materials can BEST be shown with a
    a full size mock-up
  164. The primary advantage of an oblique drawing is that
    existing orthographoc drawings can be used as a starting point
  165. To show code compliance with fire-resistive construction for a complex project, an interior designer would use
    a seperate floor plan highlighting fire-rated partitions
  166. Profile lines are most often used on
  167. The model number and color of a piece of furniure would commonly be found on
    Either a furniture scheduke or the specifications
  168. what normally shows the location of exit signs
    reflected ceiling plan
  169. What characterizes a dimetric drawing
    2 of the principal axes are forshortened equally and the 3rd is either longer or shorter
  170. Mockup requirements are often include in the
    construction specifications
  171. An oblique drawing is an imaginary view of an object, primarily because
    it shows a 3rd dimension that in reality cannot be seen
  172. List what is typically found in a programming report
    • space adj.
    • code requirements
    • budget requirements
  173. The purpose of a final programming presentation to the client is primarily
    obtain approval
  174. It is essential that samaple boards include
    actual samples of the materials
  175. Which drawing type will MOST realistically show the design of a large lobby space
    2 point perspective
  176. which scales are most commonly used for interior building details
    1.5" = 1ft ; 3"= 1ft
  177. The position and height of a toilet room's grab bars are BEST shown in the construction plans by using
    An elevation drawing
  178. Door fire ratings are typically given in the
    door schedule
  179. What are responsibilities of a project manager
    • verifying theat office contractual obligations are being met
    • reviewing billings from consultants
    • assisting in writing proposals
  180. Spending additional time on a design task while making little actual progress is MOST likely an indication of
    perection syndrome
  181. During a projects planning stage, a project managr is responsible for
    fee projecting and time planning
  182. the project manager should document
    All items relevantto a project amd its administration
  183. Under AIA documentA251, General conditions of the Contract for Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment, the inspection and acceptance of furniture on delivery to the job site is the responsibility of the
  184. With a large commercial project, who is responsible for the final design of the lighting and switching system
    Electrical engineer
  185. The project manager is responsible for all of the following schedules
    • Design Schedules
    • Bidding Schedule
    • Furniture Schedule
  186. Which type of chart is MOST often used with complex projects to show critical tasks and their associated times
    CPM Chart
  187. One of the primary advantages of a full wall schedule is that it
    involves the entire project team in the scheduling
  188. A Gantt chart is another name for a
    Bar Chart
  189. Who is responsible for follow up activities on an interior design project
    project manager
  190. when coordinating with a security consultant, the interior designer's drawings should show
    The positioning of required lighting
  191. Thermostat locations are determined by the
    Mechanical engineer
  192. At a minimum, a programming report should include all of the following
    • Space adj.
    • budget requirements
    • area requirements
  193. In investigating the existing conditions of an older building before beginning space planning, a project manager would probably need to seek expert consulting assistance to determine the
    feasibility of opening a double-wide doorway in an existing loadbearing wall
  194. An interior designer could determine which clients have not paid by looking at the
    aged accounts receivable
  195. If, during construction, an interior designer repeatedly tells a contractor how to install certain finishes, this could give rise to
    a 3rd party claim
  196. A shipment of furniture is fandalized in a storage area at the job site. Whose insurance will cover the loss
    The owner's
  197. Which business organization would allow the MOST control by the business's two founders
  198. A contractor requests that amaterial or method of construction be substituted for the one specified in the contract documents. What is the designer responsible for doing?
    approving or disapproving the request
  199. What type of insurance covers personal injury caused by an interior designer;s employees
    general liability
  200. According to AIA Document B152, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Interior Design Services, the interior designer muct prepare cost estimates for the project during the
    SD, DD, and construction documents phase
  201. Half of an employees time is spent working on projects and the other half on marketing. For accounting purposes, the cost of paying the employee is chargeable as
    50% direct labor and 50% indirect labor
  202. which type of accounting would MOST liely be chosen by an interior designer working alone as a sole proprietorship
  203. Which report should be checked periodically by a project manager, as well as by the design firm principal
    project progress report
  204. A transaction privilege tax license allows an interior design firm to
    buy and sell furniture
  205. Under a policy of at-will employement, an employer can
    terminate employees without reason
  206. If an interior designer specifies file cabinets that do not fit within a space the contractor built according to the contract documents, who is responsible for paying for hte correction
    interior designer
  207. Which type of fee is most likely to be disadvantageous to the interior designer
    fixed fee
  208. A project construction budget prepared by the interior designer would generally NOT include the
    designer's fees and reimbursables
  209. What document is used to approve the release of funds for furnishing a project
    purchase order
  210. an interior designer typically develops color and material boards during the
    schematic design and design development phases
  211. In addition to meeting the requirements of the ADA, what other accessibility requirements should the interior designer be most concerned with when doing design development for a commecial project
    scoping provisions of the local building code
  212. An accessible route must serve
    all accessible spaces and parts of a building
  213. What are the most important design elements to incorporate into a hotel, to provide safe egress for physically disabled people
    1. Visual alarms
    2. Audible alarms
    3. flashing smoke detectors
    4. large emergency lettering
    1 & 2
  214. when considering the intial space planning of an accessible toilet room, which if the following design elements shoule be the most concern
    door swing and approach dimension
  215. Which type of sink is best for barrier free design
    wall hung
  216. As measured from the nosing, a handrail for barrier-free design must have a height of
    34 - 38 inches
  217. The minimum clear width for a door is
  218. What is included in the rise of a stair
    the vertical distance form one nosing to the next
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