Survival Spanish

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    I see the weapon!
    Veo el arma!
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    Hands on your head!
    Manos en la cabeza!
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    Hands behind your back!
    Manos en la expalda!
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    Separate your feet!
    Separe los pies!
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    You are under arrest!
    Esta arrestado!
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    Cross your feet!
    Cruce los pies!
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    Prone out face down!
    Acuestese boca abajo!
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    Arms out!
    Brazos afuera!
  9. Your license, please.
    Su licencia, por favor.
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    Is this your correct address?
    Es su direccion correcta?
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    Your license is suspended.
    Su licencia esta suspendida.
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    The license plate is expired.
    La placa esta vencida.
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    You don't have a license?
    No tiene licencia?
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    Papeles del carro
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    Car insurance
    Seguro del carro
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    Traffic infraction
    Infraction de transito
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    Get back in the car!
    Regrese al carro!
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    Get out of the car!
    Salga del carro!
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    Turn off the motor!
    Apague el motor!
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    Keys outside
    Llaves afuera
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    Drop them!
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    The driver
  24. Front seat passenger
    Pasajero del frente
  25. Police!
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    The head
    La Cabeza
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    The mouth
    La Boca
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    The arms
    Los Brazoz
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    The hands
    Las Manos
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    The feet
    Los Pies
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    The back
    La Espalda
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    The Knees
    Las Rodillas
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    Excessive speed
    Exceso de velocidad
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    You don't have a light.
    No tiene luz.
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    You don't have brake lights.
    No tiene luz de frenos.
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    Buckle up!
    Abroche dl cinto!
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    Sign here.
    Firme aqui.
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    I am going to give you a ticket.
    Voy a darle una multa.
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    Wait in your car.
    Espere en su carro.
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    Come with me
    Venga conmigo.
  41. Back seat passenger
    Pasajero de atras
  42. Back seat passenger behind the driver
    Pasajero de atras del conductor
  43. Front seat passenger, get out!
    Pasajero del frente, salga!
  44. Back seat passenger, get out!
    Pasajero de atras, salga!
  45. Driver, get out!
    Conductor, salga!
  46. Right now!
    Ahorita! / Ahora!
  47. Get back in!
  48. Drop it!
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    On your knees!
    De Rodillas!
  50. Hands up!
    Manos arriba!
  51. Turn around!
  52. Look at me!
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    Don't Touch!
    No Toque!
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    Stand up!
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  56. Come here!
    Venga aqui!
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    Walk backwards!
    Camine atras!
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    Don't look!
    No mire!
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