Art History II, Part I, 4

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  1. Melchior Broederlam, Infancy of Christ, detail, 1394-95

    Tempera on panel
    • Creator: Sluter, Claus
    • Creator: Gender: Male, Netherlandish, Earliest: ca. 1360, Latest: before 1406
    • Title: Chartreuse de Champmol; Well of Moses; Overall view
    • Title: Chartreuse de Champmol
    • Work Type: sculpture (visual work)
    • Date: 1395 - 1405
    • Location: Original: Dijon
    • Location: Original: France
    • Material: stone
    • Measurements: 183 cm (height)
    • Style Period: Northern Renaissance
    • Description: The figures of David, Moses and Jeremiah were installed in 1402 and then colored by Jean Malouel of Guelders (died 1415) and Herman of Cologne, before Sluter completed the figures of Zachariah, Daniel and Isaiah, probably installed later in 1404 or 1405.
    • Creator: Campin, Robert
    • Creator: Gender: m, Flemish, Earliest: 1378 ca, Latest: 1444, Artist Century:
    • 14-15
    • Title: Merode Altarpiece, The Annunciation, Joseph, Donors
    • Work Type: oil painting
    • Date: 1425 ca
    • Material: oil ; panel
    • Style Period: Renaissance
  2. Jacques Daret, Annunciation, c. 1435
    • Creator: Eyck, Jan van
    • Creator: Gender: Male, Netherlandish, Earliest: ca.1390, Latest: ca.1441 Title: Ghent Altarpiece; Overall view, fully open. Altar displayed open for major feast days.
    • Work Type: paintings
    • Date: 1423-1432
    • Original Location: Belgium
    • Style Period: Northern Renaissance
    • Description: Restored to St. Bavo Cathedral. 12 panels comprise the polyptych. The altarpiece has two tiers, each with four hinged wings. When closed for weekday Masses and in Lent , it represents the moment of the Incarnation, depicted as an Annunciation. On the lower tier Vijd and his wife (donors) are shown with SS. John the Baptist and the Evangelist, painted in grisaille. When the upper tier was open on ordinary Sundays, it showed Christ, the Virgin and St John the Baptist. When the retable was fully opened for a major feast, these figures presided over a paradisical scene below of the Adoration of the Lamb.
    • Creator: Eyck, Hubert van (Netherlandish painter, died 1426)
    • Culture: Netherlandish
    • Title: Adoration of the Mystic Lamb | Adoration of the Lamb
    • Work Type: Polyptych
    • Date: ca. 1423-1432
    • Location: Ghent, Belgium Material: oil on panel
    • Subject: Art on Revelation; Paintings; Chapters in Revelation; Revelation 14; Revelation 7; Revelation 5; Revelation 21-22; altarpieces; fountains, lambs; angels; worship
    • Creator: Jan van Eyck
    • Title: The Arnolfini Portrait
    • Date: 1434
    • Material: oil on oak
    • Creator: Jan van Eyck
    • Title: Man in a Red Turban (Self Portrait?)
    • Date: 1433
    • Material: oil on wood
    • Creator: Rogier van der Weyden
    • Title: Saint Luke Painting the Madonna
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: c. 1450
    • Material: oil on oak panel
    • Creator: Weyden, Rogier van der
    • Creator: Gender: Male, Flemish, Earliest: ca. 1399, Latest: ca.1464
    • Title: Descent from the Cross
    • Work Type: paintings
    • Date: 1435
    • Location: Madrid Spain
    • Material: oil on panel
    • Measurements: 220x262 cm
    • Style Period: Northern Renaissance
    • Creator: Hugo van der Goes
    • Title: Portinari Triptych; closed with Annunciation
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: c. 1473-1478
    • Material: oil on panel
    • Measurements: 2.53 x 3.04 m.
    • Repository: Galleria degli Uffizi
    • Creator: Goes, Hugo van der
    • Creator: none Creator: Gender: m, Flemish, Artist Century: 15
    • Title: Portinari Altarpiece
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: 1476-78
    • Location: Current: Uffizi Florence Italy
    • Material: oil ; wood
    • Style Period: Baroque
    • Creator: Hugo van der Goes
    • Title: Portinari Altarpiece: center panel: Adoration of the
    • Shepherds
    • Date: circa 1473-1478
    • Material: oil on panel
    • Measurements: 253 x 304 cm
    • Repository: Uffizi, Florence
    • Creator: Hieronymus Bosch
    • Title: Garden of Earthly Delights (closed): The Creation of theWorld
    • Title: Triptych. Central Panel: Garden of Earthly Delights. Left Wing: Creation. Right
    • Wing: Hell.
    • Date: circa 1510
    • Work Type: Easel Painting / Identified Artist
    • Material: oil on wood
    • Description:
    • (Garden of Earthly Delights: black man and white woman in a boat; black men and women swimming; in the foreground, black women in three groups of white figures.)
    • Creator: begun by Arnolfo di Cambio; Francesco Talenti; campanile by Giotto; dome by Filippo Brunelleschi; lantern by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo; facade by Emilio de Fabris
    • Title: Santa Maria del Fiore (Cathedral : Florence, Italy)
    • Date: 1296 - 1462; facade added in 1871 - 1887
    • Location: Florence, Italy
    • Creator: Zocchi, Giuseppe, Italian, Earliest: 1711, Latest: 1767
    • Title: Piazza of Florence Cathedral in 1754 , with Baptistry and Bell Tower, during Procession of Corpus Domni, June 23, 1754
    • Work Type: engraving
    • Date: 1754 AD
    • Material: ink ; paper

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