Art History II, Part I, 5

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    • Creator: Designed by Giotto and completed by Francesco Talenti
    • Title: Campanile di Giotto; detail of first three floors
    • Work Type: bell tower
    • Date: Construction begun by Giotto in 1334 and completed by Talenti in 1359
    • Location: Florence, Italy
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    • Creator: attributed to Andrea Pisano (Italian sculptor, ca. 1295-1349);
    • Culture: Italian
    • Title: Florence Campanile: Pisano Reliefs
    • Title: View: The State or Nation; Riding / Weaving, house-building/medicine
    • Work Type: visual works; sculpture; reliefs
    • Date: 1337-1341
    • Location: site: Florence, Tuscany, Italy
    • Material: marble
    • Technique: carving (processes)
    • Style Period: Medieval
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    • Creator: Andrea Pisano
    • Title: Baptistry, south door; The Baptist in Prison Visited by His Disciples and Salome delivering the head of the Baptist to Herod
    • Work Type: sculpture
    • Date: 1329-1336
    • Location: Florence, Italy
    • Material: bronze
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    • Filippo Brunelleschi, Sacrificeof Isaac, 1401-03
    • Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-03
    • Work Type: relief ; sculpture
    • Style Period: Renaissance
    • Repository: Florence Italy
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    • Lorenzo Ghiberti,
    • Annunciation and Flagellation of Christ,
    • from the north doors of the Baptistry in Florence,
    • 1403-24
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    • Creator: Ghiberti, Lorenzo, Italian
    • Title: Gates of Paradise: V: Story of Jacob: Jacob and Esau, Florence, Baptistry
    • Work Type: relief sculpture ; baptistry ; doors
    • Date: 1425-1437 ca AD
    • Site: Baptistery Florence Italy
    • Material: gilded bronze
    • Style Period: Renaissance
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    • Creator: Lorenzo Ghiberti
    • Culture: Italian
    • Title: Florence Baptistery: East Doors
    • Title: Gates of Paradise
    • Title: View: Joseph and his brethren in Egypt, finding of the cup in Benjamin's sack, Benjamin and his brothers take away the corn, Joseph sold by his brethren
    • Work Type: Sculpture and Installations
    • Date: 1425-1452 (creation)
    • Location: site: Florence, Tuscany, Italy
    • Material: bronze
    • Technique: casting (process)
    • Style Period: Renaissance

    Description: Work: In 1425 Ghiberti received the commission for the final set of doors. The Gothic quatrefoil and the distinction between the dark background and the gilt figures were this time abandoned; in contrast, the new doors had ten large, squarish, totally gilded reliefs, each containing several related Old Testament episodes. Through gilding, the use of Albertian perspective and gradation of relief (diminishing as forms recede), Ghiberti achieved a convincing illusion of spatial depth and narrative continuity. The doors (completed 1452) made such a strong impression on the artist's contemporaries that his earlier set was transferred to the north entrance and the new doors were installed on the east façade, facing the cathedral. According to Vasari, Michelangelo, in a play on the word paradiso (the area between a baptistery and a cathedral façade), claimed that Ghiberti's doors were worthy to be the 'Gates of Paradise'.
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    • Creator: Brunelleschi, Filippo
    • Title: Dome of Florence Cathedral;model (representation);
    • Work Type: church
    • Date: ca. 1420-1437
    • Style Period: Italian;Early Renaissance Description: the design for the lantern was chosen from a competition in 1436, won by Brunelleschi but built by others; central plan type is derived from Roman prototypes such as the Temple of Minerva Medica
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    • Title: San Lorenzo
    • Date: 1421
    • Location: Florence (Italy)
    • Description: by Filippo Brunelleschi
    • Subject: Florence (Italy)--S. Lorenzo
    • Subject: Architecture:Site--Italy--15th C. A.D
    • Subject: Churches--Italy
    • Subject: Plans (drawings)
    • Subject: Renaissance
    • Subject: sacristies
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    Filippo Brunelleschi, Ospedale degli Innocenti, 1419-1435
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    Leonardo da Vinci, Vetruvian Man, c. 1487
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    • Title: Florence: Orsanmichele: General view
    • Date: 1337-1404
    • Location: Florence (Italy)
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    • Creator: Nanni di Banco
    • Title: Orsanmichele: Four Crowned Ones
    • Work Type: sculpture
    • Location: Florence, Italy
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    • Creator: Nanni di Banco, Florentine, ca. 1384-1421
    • Title: Quattro Santi Coronati: artisans carving a colonnette, detail L. of predella showing sculptor's workshop
    • Title: detail R. of predella showing sculptor's workshop
    • Date: 1410
    • Location: Or San Michele, Florence
    • Material: marble
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