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  1. /er/
    The girl ran after the green alligator. The green alligator was eating her hamburger. She took it personal and turned to her mother and asked if she could have the green alligator for dinner. Her mother told her it would be perfect except she was nervous about her daughter’s future. The girl gave up on the green alligator, the alligator ate the girls’ hamburger and she went to Taco Bell.
  2. /er/
    The sailor was a lifesavor because he first saw the pearl. He threw out the anchor and dove in the water. A purple turtle swam up and the sailor jumped on his back and they found a neighbor to help. The neighbor was a doctor who wanted to be a singer and he dove into the water, too. The sailor, purple turtle and neighbor all had the urge to stir up the water to find the pearl. In the end, the pearl ended up being a lump of sugar and melted like butter in the water.
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    Heather was in the shower for one hour. During that time she wanted her personal banker to bring her slipper to her. The water ran out and the personal banker had to call the plumber to come and look at the iron pipes. It was winter and the situation was worse than they thought. The personal banker told Heather she could go to Jupiter because he wasn’t going out on the ladder to catch a helicopter to go to town and get the plumber. Heather was upset because she then had to use a stapler to hold her slipper on her foot so they wouldn’t become cold.
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