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  1. /ar/
    The martian rode the large cable car up to the cookie jar. The cookie jar had marshmallows in it. The martain had to play his guitar for the harpist before he could get a marshmallow from the cookie jar. His arm began to hurt from strumming the guitar so he said he was sorry. The harpist didn’t want the martain to harm his arm so he allowed him to eat a marshmallow from the cookie jar. The martain then left in the large cable car.
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    The farmer went to the barn in the dark. On his way he had to pass the garden of which he grew garlic. An army of monarch butterflies flew by him and he sat down in the yard in alarm. His dog Martha began to bark and guard the farmer. The farmer though the monarchs were jaguars and he ran into the barn like a race car. Martha began barking and scared away the monarchs but he could smell them because they were eating all of the garlic in the farmers garden.
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    Barb bought Marcus a sparkly guitar pick at the bazaar. He thought is was a marvelous charm that would keep him from harm. You see, Marcus was a movie star and when he walked out on stage, the crowd started to bark! He looked up and saw the monkey bar above him and decided to get the tar out of there. He was armed with his marvelous charm that would keep him from harm but the crowd was chasing him. He jumped in an armed police car and ran like a race car that had a movie star in it and they sped away.
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Speech Sounds /ar/ paragraph
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