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    The orchestra had an amazing performance. They played up a storm at the grocery store for the dwarf and the quarterback. A dinosaur rode up on a unicorn and asked the dwarf if he had a wart. The dwarf ignored the dinosaur but the quarterback found his sword and told the dinosaur he abhored him being rude to the dwarf asking him about a wart. The dinosaur then turned and rode his unicorn up the seashore.
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    One morning Mort went outdoors and tore his shoe on a thorn while doing chores. He was born on the shore and loved to eat apple cores from the grocery store, but his sore toe made him roar in pain. Mort had a horseshoe put on his foot and he continued on with his chores heading north to get his apple cores from the grocery store.
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    The wild boars love cornflakes in the morning. They also adore orange shorts that Mort wears. They abhore war in the forest and want to settle the score. Armed with their four oars they found at the seashore, they are off toward the forest. Mort’s orange shorts were bright in the morning sun. The boars followed Mort to the shore and chased the bad people away.
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