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  1. Final r

    The millionaire went down the Delaware to be aware and stare from his rocking chair. His boat disappeared into nowhere before anyone could find them. In despair, the millionaire thought this unfair to his welfare and wanted to go somewhere that had a snackbar. He began strumming his guitar unaware of the sophomore exploring elsewhere and was taken to the drugstore to be treated for a middle ear infection.
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    My sister met a sailor who used to be a robber but wanted to become a plumber. Together they climbed the ladder with her father, who was a farmer and escaped in the downpour. They had gone afar off shore when they saw their pictures in the newspaper. A cashier at the local flower mart saw them walk by and took their picture. The three of them met her mother, who drove a tractor., and they went elsewhere in a boxcar
  3. Final r

    The deer in the car began to purr when its hair was blowing in the air. The door opened by the fire and warmth poured in the car. The deer had four hours that he could enjoy the fire and he found a spare sweatshirt in the seat to wear. The deer was clear to leave the car when he saw the pair of hunters tear their clothing on a wire and share their stories near the fire. He escaped through the other door in a blur and when he was clear, he cheered for joy that the hunters did not see him.
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