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    Perry, the pirate lived by the coral sea in a clearing off of the terrace. He liked it when tourists came to see his murals he had painted on the barrels lining the shores of the island. Karen, a florist from the mainland, loved the murals painted on the barrels and wanted to purchase them for her shop. Perry, the pirate, told her it would be very difficult to move them because they were full of syrup. They decided to try to float the barrels of syrup in the current through the storms and began to worry when the barrels did not show up. A caring tourist found the barrels and took them directly to the florist and they all enjoyed pancakes for breakfast.
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    Teresa was a terrible gorilla that loved to eat carnations in casseroles. The admiral had to parachute the carnation casseroles into Teresa’s cage. One day he tried blueberries instead of carnations. Teresa’s mood skyrocketed and she became like a hurricane. She told the admiral that she didn’t like blueberries, that if he would have tried cherries, mulberries or even celery, she would have had a terrific lunch. The admiral told the terrible gorilla that he would work on that lunch for tomorrow, but instead of parachuting them in, he would use a fishing rod. Teresa thought that was a good idea.
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    Terry liked to hunt maroon turkeys for the tourists to eat at their party. Sarah the sheriff came by and found that Terry had zero turkeys for the party that night. The sky was starry when Terry and Sarah began their hunt for turkeys. They found a flock of sparrows, dug down in their stirrups and began their hunt. Instead of sparrows, the found out the birds were parrots from the park that had escaped. They called Zorro for help and they story ends when Terry, Sarah and Zorro captured the parrots. While doing this, the tourists decided to go to Pizza Hut and surprised the three with a pizza party for saving the parrots.
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