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  1. What is the extra amount of printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of the sheet or page?
  2. What is the preliminary ad layout showing proposed position of copy and graphics?
    Spec Ad
  3. Advertising paid for by both the national (brand name) and the local advertiser is what kind of advertising?
  4. The _______ is the number of different persons or homes exposed to a specific media vehicle or schedule at least once
  5. A single page folded vertically around the spine of a newspaper section, covering half of the front page and half of the back is what kind of ad?
  6. What do you call the smaller newspaper format?
  7. The number of people attributed to actually reading a newspaper is the
  8. Advertising that appears printed within the newspaper itself as opposed to inserts
  9. One hundred percent household coverage within a given area is the:
    Total Market Coverage (TMC)
  10. The _____ measures circulation, readership and audience information critical to the media buying and selling process.
    Audit Bureau of Circulations
  11. The total number of readers or viewers of the media in which you are advertising
  12. A 2009 OPA study revealed that consumers spend what percent of their time online with content rather than other activities?
  13. A small piece of information that is stored on a browser
  14. A form of internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in Search results
    Search engine Marketing
  15. What does SMS stand for?
    Simple Messaging System
  16. What El Sentinel Event is in the Month of May?
    Cinco De Mayo
  17. True or False? The Chicago Tribune was the first newspaper to use color.
  18. What year was the Fort Lauderdale-based Sun Sentinel Acquired?
  19. How many divisions are there within the Sun Sentinel?
  20. What two departments are responsible for bringing revenue to the newspaper?
    Circulation adn Advertising
  21. What percentage of Adults read a newspaper or visit a newspaper websitee in an average week?
  22. What brand uses the slogan, "Don't leave home without it!"
  23. What brand uses the slogan, "When it rains, it pours?"
  24. What is the name that is given to Clasified line ads that are often found at the end of certain sections?
  25. How many zones does the community marketplace cover?
  26. What is the amount of co-op money available for advertising?
  27. What is the only report that breakes down to zip code level?
    Audit Bureau of Circulations-ABC
  28. What is the largest newspaper in South Florida?
    Sun Sentinel
  29. What is the term for the number of people who read the newspaper?
  30. What is the source for readership?
  31. True or False: 44% of adults who say the type of website influences advertising trustworthiness are not college educated
  32. The words that appear at the very top of your web browser, and they tell the search engine what the page is about
    Title Tags
  33. The SunSentinel.com mobile website is highly-trafficked, reaching on average over how many unique visitors each month?
  34. As of today, about how many people are following Sun Sentinel on Twitter
    ~20,000 (actual:20,661 Followers)
  35. What does QR code stand for?
    Quick Response
  36. Our YouTube channel is under what name?
  37. On GreatDealsInMyCity.com, how many offers can the customer create at a time?
  38. What provides one convenient place where readers can find all the coupons and inserts by collating and presenting your Sunday insert in a plastic wrap.
  39. What year did the paper changed its name to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  40. What day and time is the deadline to order an ad for Society Scene?
    Friday Noon
  41. What day and time is the deadline to order an ad for the Food Section?
    Tuesday 11am
  42. What is Lorna's extension?
  43. According to SunSpot, what is going on in the lobby today from 11:30-4:30pm?
    Blood Drive
  44. What is featured in March on our 2012 Special Section Calendar?
    Fort Lauderdale Auto show
  45. Which months this year are there 3 pay periods?
    June and November
  46. How many territories does the Fort Lauderdale office cover?
  47. In the SMB package, how many ads are included in El Sentinel?
  48. In the SMB package, how many ads are included in the Wrap up?
  49. What is the online terminology for the # of times a page was requested from the content server by users?
    Page Views
  50. What is the online terminology for the # of times an ad fully loaded into a web browser from an ad server?
    Ad Impressions
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