US HIS Test 2 3.(TR and Foreign Policy)

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  1. "A man, A plan, A canal, Panama"
    • Palindrome.
    • TR wants this canal built yesterday. It was his destiny.
    • Treaty with GB in 1850 that said we couldn't build a canal on our own. We made a new treaty that said we could build one as long as they could use it.
    • TR buys out the rights to build a canal from a French Company for 40-million dollars.
    • Negotiations now will take place with Colombia to build a canal in Panama.
    • We pay 10 million dollars for land to build it. 250000 dollars a year rent on the area, with a 99 year lease with an option to renew.
    • Their Senate refuses to ratify the treaty.
    • TR says it would probably be a good thing if the Panama people rose up in independence from Colombia.
    • They become an independent nation in 3 days. All the negotiations are the same with Panama except we pay them 10 million dollars. This is also supposed to last forever.
    • In 1921 we pay Colombia 25 million dollars essentially apologizing.
    • The canal took years to complete, no corruption. TR goes down to see the completion and he was the first sitting president to leave the country.
    • 11 years to complete, 50 mile crossings.
  2. Roosevelt Corollary 1904
    This corollary was to the Monroe Doctrine (1823). Venezuela wasn't paying their debt. Germany is getting tough with them. The corollary says Latin America nations must pay their debts, if they don't the U.S. would reluctantly police you, collect the debt payments in order to stop European internevtions. This is quickly testes in the DR, we sent marines and start collecting their import taxes, 45% goes to DR 55% will go to pay off debt.
  3. Open Door Policy 1899
    We want China to stay China, not be carved up into smaller colonies. In 1900, Chinese people rise up in rebellion against China. They were known as boxers and this was known as The Boxer Rebellion. These people especially disliked Christian missionaries. They called the Chinese people who converted the Rice Christians because they only went because they would give you rice. They killed any forgeigner encountered. Lasted 55 days until the military stoped the Rebellion.
  4. Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905
    This begins with a surprise attack on Russia in the Pacific. The Japs do extremley well and Russia is extremely humiliated. The Japs ran out of money and they went to TR to hlp negotiate the end of the war. They agreed to the Peace Treaty. Some people in Japan thought we screwed them over.
  5. "yellow peril"
    This was the west coast's phrase about the Japs. In 1906 San Fran had a devistating earthquake. In rebuilding the city a local San Fran school board issued a decree saying that in the school systems would be segregated. White and Yellow. The Japs are furious about this. This led to the "gentlemen's agreement" which said that Japan would limit Japanese immigration to the US.
  6. "Great White Fleet"
    TR sends a naval fleet all the way across the world. He painted them white letting people konw that they came in peace, not in a hostile way. 1907-1909. This was a huge sensation.
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