US HIS 202 Test 2 4.(Taft Era)

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  1. William Howard Taft
    1908, Republican who was virtually handpicked by TR to be his successor. He was the secretary of war for TR.
  2. Election of 1908
    • Rep: Taft
    • Dem: Bryan
    • This was Bryan's third attempt.
    • Taft was a progressive and wins easily. Taft never really wanted to be president so much.
    • He was a very big guy, loved to play gold, he intended to continue TR's policy.
    • Taft is unable to negotiate as TR did.
  3. Old Gaurd
    type of republican-insurgents
  4. Ballinger-Pinchot controversy
    • Richard Ballinger- secretary of interior
    • Gifford Pinchot - Chief of the Forestry service.
    • Pinchot accuses Ballinger wrongly of exploiting wilderness areas, stripping mines, etc.
    • Taft eventually sides with Ballinger and Pinchot will quit.
    • Pinchot wants to get TR first so that he can poison his mind about Taft.
  5. "Dollar Dipolomacy"
    Our foreign policy is based not necessarily what's best for us as a country, but what is best for business.
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