POLS 1337 TEST 2

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  1. Why the president, not Congress, is mostly “blamed” for the annual deficit and total debt?
    Because the preseident sets agenda and proposes legislation (makes them responsible for change)
  2. The two disputes involved in FDR’s court packing plan
    • 1) Supreme Court doesn't like FDR's new deal. (they're old and won't retire..)
    • 2) FDR proposes to add a Supreme Court member for every one of them over 70 that doesn't retire.
    • 3) Congress didn't want FDR to get multiple Supreme Court justices (too much power)
    • 4) Supreme Court justices ended up becoming more supportive of the New Deal
  3. Why has the Supreme Court been more assertive in the post-9/11 conflict?
    They are not deferring to the President's power during this wartime because they don't see this as the same kind of war (like WWI/II/Vietnam/Etc.)
  4. The typical consequence a president faces who fights a divisive war
    When there are intense divisions caused by war, Presidents in power are typically hurt. There are, however, exceptions to this.
  5. Excpetions to the rule that wars hurt presidents???
    Exceptions are Mckinley and FDR, and also possibly Lincoln (until assassination) and Bush41 (temporarily).
  6. Nixon would have been impeached and Clinton actually was impeached, so why wasn’t Reagan impeached?
    There was no smoking gun evidence against Reagan, someone else took the fall and no charges were filed.
  7. Why did the scandal happen with Watergate?
    Basically, Nixon wanted dirt on the Democratic Party, and was dumb about it, and had two Cubans break into the headquarters. They were caught, tied back to him, he then tried to cover it up and tell the FBI to stop investigating (telling them it would reopen Bay of Pigs stuff). He also furthered this when evidence was turned against him of a tape of Nixon giving the order to commit obstruction of justice. He did not have strong public support, and therefore resigned to save himself the impeachment.
  8. What did Clinton do to get himself into legal trouble?
    Basically lying under oath about everything is what got him in trouble. (smoking-gun evidence with the stained dress) Ken Starr fought for impeachment.
  9. What conditions existed during the Reagan years that caused him trouble in his presidency?
    There were intense poicy disputes, and divisive war, also the Iran/Contra scandal, which probably caused the most problems for Reagan.
  10. Explain the Iran/Contra Scandal:
    Reagan Administration secretly sold arms to Iran for them to release American hostages. This was in clear violation of their policy, and diverting extra funds to the Contras was also against the law. There was no "smoking gun" evidence against Reagan directly, it also helped him when Poindextor claimed to give the order.
  11. What conditions exist in the Obama administration that could mean trouble for his presidency?
    Intense policy disputes (health care!), war (Afghanistan, though that's mainly a dispute among liberals), bad economy (can't blame Bush much longer)
  12. Explain Obama’s birth certificate controversy
    People accused him of not truly being American... Worked for him politically becuase it made the people accusing him look dumb. He released it and now the controversy has disappeared.
  13. On what issue(s) are there big differences of opinion between whites and blacks?
    • 1) the need for government services,
    • 2) hiring preferences (affirmative action),
    • 3) the death penalty,
    • 4) vote choice in presidential elections
  14. What happened to Geraldine Ferraro, who worked for the Clinton campaign in 2008?
    Shewas forced out of her position as fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign (2008) for a comment she made about Obama (people were voting for Barack Obama because they were enamored with the concept of voting for a “black man for president.”) and labeled a racist because of Hilary Clinton’s campaign
  15. Why was Obama’s comments regarding an arrest of a black professor by a white police officer at a news conference controversial (see video also)?
    The conservative media began to charge Obama as a racist for even the mention of police profiling, further suggesting that Obama is guilty of falsely accusing a white police officer of profiling.
  16. What was discriminatory or racist about the mass killing in Rwanda?
    There was discrimination based upon tribal/group identification Hutu majority engaged in mass murder of Tutsi minority, a tribal rivalry for power (Violence and murder against “disfavored” groups)
  17. What was discriminatory or racist about the mass killing in Darfur?
    Arab militias, called the Janjaweed, vs non-Arab Sudanese (discrimination/racism)
  18. What the Shirley Sherrod episode reveals about American politics..?
    Potential race scandal is so politically dangerous in American politics that a president cannot wait 24 hours before taking action against an alleged racist (morally vs politically correct)
  19. Who does the federal bureaucracy serve?
    The president, Congress, and interest groups that represent the people that bureaucracy serves.
  20. What is the Department of Energy in charge of?
    Nuclear power plants and labs.
  21. What is the Department of Treasury in charge of?
    Any potential financial crisis...es. (<---how do you pluralize that?)
  22. What does the Department of State do?
    Controls embassies in foreign lands.
  23. What two big groups are with the Department of Homeland Security?
    ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) and the Coast Guard.
  24. What comprises the Department of Defense?
    The military.
  25. What provided the context for the most recent reforms of the bureaucracy?
    9/11 and the financial crisis
  26. What makes a government corporation unique from other entities in the executive branch?
    They charge fees for services, but not for profit.
  27. Who is the most important/powerful justice on the Supreme Court today?
    Anthony Kennedy, he's a moderate so his vote can be conservative or liberal
  28. Issue most at stake when US Senate considers a new Supreme Court nominee (example given of Senate rejection of nominee)
  29. Why conservatives pressured Bush to withdraw Harriet Miers’ nomination to the US Supreme Court?
    She had never been a justice and thus had no record of how she would decide cases. Risky, she could've voted liberal eventually!
  30. Why federal courts are viewed as anti-majoritarian?
    They do not always decide cases in a way that aligns with public opinion. Since they are appoitned and not elected officials, they have no constituency to be loyal to.
  31. Politician's stances on sex scandals??
    If it's their own party, they defend it. As soon as it's the other party, they jump at the opportunity to condemn it.
  32. What was Fareed Zakaria’s commentary on the media’s efforts to pressure President Obama to be more emotional in his reaction to the BP oil spill?
    He basically points out how stupid it was that the most talked about aspect of the BP thing in the news was Obama's lack of emotion/concern.
  33. How did McNabb respond to Rush Limbaugh’s comments?
    According to his teammate, with poise and patience. he basically said "Whatever, I'm just here to play football, that's what I'll do." He didn't fire back at Rush.
  34. How Obama responded to Carter’s explanation of the reasons for Obama’s opposition?
    Discounted race issue for the most part, said it was about the size of the government, not his race.
  35. Why did Dr. Laura originally believe that saying the n-word was not racist (know quotes)?
    She said it was OK becasue thats what black comedians say and such.
  36. Bush view v. Supreme Court during the Bush years?
    Bush continually wanted them to hand him executive powers with the War on Terror, but they obviously thought otherwise. They didn't see the war was AS legitimate as other wars.
  37. Why did the president’s own party opposed him on the issue of closing Guantanamo Bay?
    Most Democrats are worried about how closing G-tmo would play out in the next election (they believe politics would play against them).
  38. What Steve Croft (the 60 minutes interviewer) suggested Clarence Thomas wanted to hear from more black leaders?
    "You're a huge believer in self-reliance, and I get kind of a subtext from your book that... you believe..that the black community could use a few more leaders preaching that."
  39. What Thomas suggested as to why black leaders don’t tolerate his opinions (know exact quotes)?
    "The problem for me isn't that everyone agrees with me [regarding self-reliance], but that everyone saying they know what's best. That I am to be destroyed because I don't.. follow in this cult-like way. I have an opinion, the problem with that is that we're veering away from the 'black gospel' we're supposed to be adhering to."
  40. Why did Roberts object to Obama’s criticism of a Supreme Court decision as Obama delivered the 2010 State of the Union? "Members of one branch of government standing up literally surrounding the Supreme Court cheering and hollaring while the Court according to the requirement of protocol has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling - to the extent the State of the Union has degenerated into a political pep rally, and I'm not sure why."
    (Obama's comments in reference are about corporate sponsorship of campaign contributions..)... "Members of one branch of government standing up literally surrounding the Supreme Court cheering and hollaring while the Court according to the requirement of protocol has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling - to the extent the State of the Union has degenerated into a political pep rally, and I'm not sure why."
  41. Name all the Liberal Supreme Court Justices.
    Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Ginsburg. .... (Elephants knit sweaters since snakes build raunchy garments)
  42. Name all the Conservative Supreme Court Justices.
    Samuel Alito, John Roberts (chief justice), Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy (swing vote), Antonin Scalia. (Sad, alcoholic, juicy, rabbits clumsily tasted acidic killer alligator shit)
  43. Who is the Chief Justice?
    John Roberts
  44. Who is the swing vote on the Supreme Court?
    Anthony Kennedy
  45. What is judicial activism?
    Idea that courts should have the power to define fundamental rights
  46. What is judicial restraint?
    Idea that new rights should be defined by constitutional amendments not by courts.
  47. What is it called when Congress gives the executive branch authority to interpret the law?
    Delegation of Powers
  48. Rules of a filibuster?
    minority (41) Senators can block a vote on legislation in the US Senate. 60 votes are required to break a filibuster. (attempt to break it is called "cloture")
  49. Newt Gingrich and his curse of power?
    ousted by his own Republican Party for not fulfilling the prophecized Republican Revolution. (expectations not met!)
  50. Dennis Hastert and his curse of power?
    accused of not doing more to stop Mark Foley from soliciting sex from teenage congressional programs
  51. What is a filibuster?
    Blocking vote on legislation in Congress.
  52. What gave Republicans confidence that they would gain seats in the 2010 Midterm elections?
    • 1. Enthusiasm gap
    • 2. Independents chose Republican
    • 3. many Rep's and Senators retired.
  53. How a bill becomes law?
    Must be approved by both House and Senate by a majority vote. Then the president must sign it (or hold on to it too long... unless he vetoes!)
  54. What presidents object to in the War Powers Act?
    All presidents think it pretty unconstitutional (especially the pulling-out-troops-in-60-to-90-days part). They think it a violation of separation of powers (president controls troops).
  55. What were Washington and Jefferson most concerned with?
    • 1. An economic alliance with Britain.
    • 2. Smaller Government
  56. Buchanan's rationale as to why we shouldn't end slavery in the south?
    The South is responsible before God, it is not our right to end it in our South just as it is not our right to end slavery in Russia and Brazil.
  57. Price LBJ paid for his leadership?
    he split the democratic party; over the next 25 years, conservative democrats switched to the Republican Party
  58. What does it mean to co-opt an issue?
    When a candidate switches sides on an issue to neutralize it in the eyes of the public.
  59. What issues are taken up with co-opting?
    Co-opting the opposing party's issues is viewed as dirty by the opposition but it works politically—and—the ideological base of the president's party considers it as "selling out" the ideological agenda
  60. How did Clinton "buck" criteria set by presidential scholars to be a successful president?
    • 1. He didn't have successful honeymoon period (first 6 months in office)
    • 2. He Recovered completely from a major scandal (Monica)
    • 3. Won the War in Kosovo and tried (unsuccessfully) a peace agreement between the Israelis & Palestinians (he finished his presidency strong).
    • 4. He never catered to ideological base & wasn't hurt by it (ended the Reagan-Bush era).
  61. Carter's Mistakes in Presidency
    • 1. Attacked his own party for wasteful spending
    • 2. Postured himself as highly moral man
    • 3. Waffled on human rights
  62. Rallying Effect
    When the general public backs you up on an issue, generally legislation and action gets put to the forefront and moved faster.
  63. How did Newt Gingrich characterize the Obama Presidency?
  64. How did Mitt Romney describe Obama’s intentions as president?
    He's changing the very nature of America; making us an entitlement society rather than a merit society; he's trying to fundamentally transform America.
  65. How did Rick Santorum distinguish himself as the one candidate who could draw the clearest distinction with Obama?
    He is a conviction conservative and has a clear contrast with President Obama on the most important issues of the day.
  66. Wasteful spending in Homeland Security?
    Basically funds are kind of being spread to things that don't involve Homeland Security at all (highways being built.... providing defibrillators for high school basketball teams? just random stuff)
  67. Price Obama paid for his leadership in passing Health Care reform?
    Low approval rating, Democratic Party lost midterm elections
  68. What did Jimmy Carter do that was not politically smart?
    • 1. Attacked his own party for wasteful spending
    • 2. Postured himself as a highly moral man
    • 3. Waffled on human rights
  69. Which presidents have been impeached?
    Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, both were acquitted.
  70. Why Obama relies on “czars” for policy advice rather than expertise in the departments?
    Czars can be whoever he chooses, also can be fired, so are more likely to work hard.
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