Red wine descriptions

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  1. There is some bright, sweet fruit noticeable in this wine, countered by hints of pepper & earthy spice
    Gouguenheim Malbec '09
  2. Blackberry & dark fruits mingle w/ ripe plum & berries. Medium bodied & showing the typical spicyness of lodi "blank"
    Van Ruiten Glory Days Zin '09
  3. Malbec & petite verdot make up the backbone of this soft wine, cherry & plum notes w/ light tannins
    B. Benagas Don Tiburcio '08
  4. This is a silky deep red wine w/ vanilla, dark berry, cherry & lingering tobacco flavors
    Chono Carmenere Reserva '09
  5. This wine captures the essence of sonoma "blank" w/ a soft, rich mouthfeel, dark fruit & hints of chocolate
    Kenwood Yalupa Cabernet Sauvignon '09
  6. The mineral & dark cherry on the nose continue right on through this easy drinking soft wine.
    Altovinium Evodia Old Vine Garnacha '10
  7. Live bright red fruit yet elegant and expressing the soil's quality and the winemakers ingenuity, a superb wine
    Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir '09
  8. Grenache & carignane. medium-full, chalky bright berry fruit
    Acustic '09
  9. From two sustainable vineyards, this classy wine is what pinot is all about: red fruit and earthy terroir
    Inman Family Pinot Noir '07
  10. "Baby super tuscan" cherry, coffee, vanilla & spice
    Carpineto Dogajola '08
  11. rich, cassis, boysenberry, chocolate & oak
    Millbrandt Estate Merlot '09
  12. Bold & complex w/ notes of anise, berry fruit, spice & pepper
    Groom Shiraz '08
  13. 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah, raspberry and black cherry with some earthy tones and a touch of spice
    Arnoux & Fils Gigondas '07
  14. Cab, Merlot, Syrah, Tintilla de Rota. Red berry, fig, juicy. A real Oddball for all wine geeks
    H.D. Albala Barbazul '08
  15. Organic Vineyards. Big and Balanced, w/ notes of dark cherry, pomegranate & currant. Needs to breath a bit
    Wild Hog Zinfandel '07
  16. Wonderfully balanced. Dark berry, earthy & gamey
    Waters Syrah '07
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