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  1. What are the two ways hair color can be used?
    • Temporarily adding pigment that shampoos out.
    • Permanently adding or removing pigment.
  2. According to your textbook, what are the reasons for getting hair color?
    • Create a fashion statement/Express yourself.
    • Enhance existing or natural hair color.
    • Cover or blend grey.
    • Mimic or correct the sun's lightening effects.
  3. What colors does ROY G BIV stand for?
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Indigo
    • Violet
  4. What does the law of color state?
    that out of all colors in the universe, only three are pure/primary colors.
  5. What are the three primary colors?
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  6. Which primary color is considered the darkest?
  7. List the secondary colors and give the formulas for creating secondary colors.
    • Green: Yellow & Blue
    • Orange: Yellow & Red
    • Violet: Red & Blue
  8. How are tertiary colors created?
    mixing a secondary color with a neighboring primary color in various proportions.
  9. What are three ways to describe a tone of hair color?
    • Warm
    • Cool
    • Neutral
  10. How are colors/tones/hues named or identified?
    by it's position on the color wheel.
  11. What colors are associated as warm colors?
    • Yellow
    • Orange
  12. What colors are associated as cool colors?
    • Blues
    • Violets
  13. What two colors can be cool or warm depending on what other color is present?
    • Green
    • Red
  14. How are complimentary colors identified on the color wheel?
    located opposite of each other.
  15. What happens when complimentary colors are mixed together?
    Neutralize or cancel each other out.
  16. What color is used to neutralize a brassy or orange tone?
    Blue based or Ash
  17. What does a color's level measure?
    the lightness or darkness of a color.
  18. What are the levels of hair color and which is the lightest, which is the darkest?
    • Levels 1-10
    • 1: darkest
    • 10: lightest
  19. What is another term that can describe and identify hair color by refering to the brightness or vividness of a color or the strength of the tone?
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