Eating and Drinking 247

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  1. qing1 shui3
    clear water 清水
  2. pi2 jiu3
    beer 啤酒
  3. yi4 ping2 shui3
    bottle of water 一瓶水
  4. yi4 tong3 shui3
    jug of water 一桶水
  5. lv4 cha2
    green tea 绿茶
  6. cha2 guan3 er
    teahouse 茶馆儿
  7. jiu3
    alcohol 酒
  8. jiu3 ba1
    bar/pub 酒吧
  9. wo3 bu2 hui4 he1 jiu3
    I don't drink alcohol 我不会喝酒
  10. mai3 dan1
    Bill, please 买单
  11. wo3 chi1 bao3 le
    I'm full 我吃饱了
  12. wo3 kan4 bu4 dong3 zhong1 wen2
    I can't read Chinese characters 我看不懂中文
  13. fu4 zhang4
    Bill, please (pay bill) 付账
  14. cai4 dan1
    menu 菜单
  15. dian3 cai4
    to order 点菜
  16. wo3 qing3 ni3 chi1 fan4
    I'd like to invite you to eat something (and I'll pay) 我请你吃饭
  17. wo3 qing3 ke4
    I'm paying 我请客
  18. wo3 lai2 chu1 qian2
    I'll pay for this 我来出钱
  19. ei1 ei1 ba
    Let's pay separately 吧
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