Lecture 5 Women

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  1. Women were thought to be able to best contribute society by fulfilling the roles of wife and mother.
    women's sphere
  2. Belief that women were intellectually incapacitated every month during menstruation
    periodic funciton
  3. Based on evolutionary theory, the greater degree of variability for a particular trait, the better of a species will be. It was believed that men had a greater degree of variability than women on many traits including intelligence.
    variability hypothesis
  4. Calkin's dissertation established the "_" for studying memory and was highly regarded by James and Munstenberg.
    paired-association technique
  5. Who said "psychology should be conceived as the science of self, or person, as related to its enviornment, physical and social"
  6. Calkin's system of _ psychology was her major theoretical contribution to the new field
    self psychology
  7. How did Calkins see her self psychology ?
    as a means of resolving disputes in psychology, such as between structuralism and functionalism
  8. Calkins argued that psychology could be the study of ?
    mental life, but as such a central fact must be that all consciousness contains an element of the self.
  9. -Her influence in psychology stems from her research on vision, where she developed an influential evolutionary theory of colour vision
    -She was also very outspoken about the lack of professional opportunities for
    Christine Ladd-Franklin
  10. -She was Tichener’s first Ph.D student and became the first women to earn a doctorate in psychology
    - Published work in many areas of psychology, but she is best known for her work in comparative psychology published in The Animal Mind, which went through four editions
    Margret Floy Washburn
  11. Published a paper displaying evidence of differences in the "community of ideas" of men and women.
    Joseph Jastrow
  12. One of the best known early African American psychologists.
    Fancis Sumner
  13. Taught at a number of Black colleges eventually settling at Howard, where he developed the leading psychology lab in the country at a black institution.
    Francis Sumner
  14. Became the only black president of the APA, studied under Francis Sumner
    Kenneth B. Clark
  15. Who
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