history chapter two

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  1. Gov is formal structures in which
    binding decisions are made for citz
  2. gov is the ""
    • "rules of the game"
    • and institutions that make and enfores the law
  3. institutions include
    legislatures executives and courts
  4. The gov hold the power to
    get individuals grops and institutions to do something
  5. monarchy
    individual ruler holds absolute gov power
  6. constitutional monarchy
    • figuehead with limited power
    • governing belongs to ruler
  7. dictatorship
    individual rule with absolute authority
  8. oligarchy
    a small group of rich or powerful controls most of the governing decisions
  9. pluralism
    multiple centers of power vying authority
  10. popular sovereignty
    afforded basic rights and standards; freedom from gov interference.
  11. direct/pure democracy
    all citizens make decisions
  12. republic
    small group that act on the behalf of many
  13. represenative democracy
    Elected through a fair and open process in which everyone has the same opportunity.
  14. totalitarian regime
    leaders have no real limits
  15. authoritarian regime
    gov polices are kept in check by formal limits
  16. hobbes beliefs of social contract
    • between the gov and the people
    • people get protection
    • gov are limited
    • they get their powers from the will of the people
  17. the idea of the the articles of confederation was
    to draw 13 states togegther but to allow each state to remain independent
  18. What congress couldnt do
    • couldnt regulate commerce
    • was unable to collect taxes from citizens
    • and couldnt collect revenue from the state
  19. altering articles proved
    • difficult as any changed need unanimous consent
    • lacked leadership and accountability
  20. shays rebellion
    suggested that liberty and freedom that is an open democratic society carried risks
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