Art History II, Part I, 12

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    Michelangelo, Moses, 1513-15
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    • Creator: Raphael
    • Title: Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de'Medici and Luigi de'Rossi: det.: arms and table
    • Date: 1517-8
    • Material: oil on panel
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    • Creator: Michelangelo
    • Title: Tomb of Giuliano de' Medici with allegorical figures of Night and Day, allegorical figures of Dusk and Dawn
    • San Lorenzo, Medici Chapel
    • Work Type: tomb ; funerary sculpture
    • Date: 1526-1533 AD
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    • Creator: Michelangelo
    • Title: Tomb of Giuliano, Duke of Nemours; detail of upper portion
    • Title: Tomb of Lorenzo, Duke of Urbino; detail of Bust of Lorenzo
    • Work Type: sculpture
    • Date: 1519-1534
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    • Creator: Michelangelo
    • Title: Last Judgment (aft. restoration), Rome, Vatican, Sistine Chapel
    • Work Type: frescoes
    • Date: 1534-41 AD
    • Material: oil
    • Style Period: Renaissance
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    • Creator: Michelangelo Buonarroti; steps built by Bartolomeo Ammanati after design by Michelangelo
    • Title: Laurentian Library, Entrance Hall, Staircase
    • Work Type: architecture
    • Date: 1523-1562, staircase completed 1559
    • Location: Biblioteca medicea laurenziana, Florence, Italy
    • Description: commissioned by Pope Clement VII

    • Title: View: Vestibule, looking slightly left and up, depicting the west wall
    • Material: stone; stucco; pietra serena
    • Technique: construction (assembling)
    • Style Period: Mannerist (Renaissance-Baroque style)
    • Description: Work: When Cardinal Giulio was elected to the papacy in November 1523, he commissioned Michelangelo to design at S Lorenzo a public library, the Biblioteca Laurenziana, to house the library of his uncle Lorenzo the Magnificent. The result was one of the most beautiful and coherent interior spaces in Western architecture (the reading room) and a vestibule (ricetto) that continues to inspire both controversy and artistic emulation. As built by Ammanati, the stairs diverge slightly from Michelangelo's intentions, but retain the flowing, dream-like invention evident in his description. The vestibule has been seen as the epitome of Michelangelo's Mannerist architectural style.
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    • Creator: Michelangelo
    • Title: Pietà
    • Date: circa 1550
    • Material: marble

    • Creator: Michelangelo
    • Title: Palestrina Pietà
    • Work Type: sculpture
    • Date: c. 1555
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    • Rosso Fiorentino
    • Title: Descent from the Cross
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: 1521
    • Material: oil on panel

    • Creator: Pontormo
    • Title: Descent from the Cross
    • Date: 1525
    • Material: oil on panel
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    • Creator: Fra Angelico
    • Title: Santa Trinità Altarpiece
    • Title: Descent from the Cross
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: 1429-32
    • Material: tempera and gold on panel
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    • Creator: Rosso Fiorentino
    • Title: Deposition from the Cross
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: 1527-28
    • Location: Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Sansepolcro
    • Material: panel
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    • Creator: Rosso Florentino (Giovanni Battista di Jacopo, called Rosso Fiorentino)
    • Title: The Dead Christ with Angels
    • Work Type: Paintings
    • Date: about 1527
    • Material: Oil on panel
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    • Creator: Agnolo Bronzino, Florentine
    • Title: The Holy Family
    • Date: c. 1528
    • Material: oil on panel
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    • Creator: Bronzino, Agnolo
    • Title: Exposure of Luxury
    • Title: Allegory with Venus, Cupid and Time
    • Date: c.1546
    • Material: oil on panel
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    • Creator: Bronzino, Agnolo
    • Title: Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo with Son Giovanni
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date:1545 ca
    • Location: Uffizi Florence: Italy
    • Style Period: Mannerist (Renaissance-Baroque style)
    • Subject: Costume
    • Subject: Embroidery
    • Subject: Hands
    • Subject: Jewelry
    • Subject: Painting--Italy--16th C. A.D
    • Subject: Pearls
    • Subject: Portraits--Children
    • Subject: Portraits--Family
    • Subject: Portraits--Female
    • Subject: Portraits--Mothers
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    • Creator: Giulio Romano
    • Culture: Italian
    • Title: Palazzo del Té
    • Title: View: Court, east façade, close frontal view, south portion
    • Title: View: Court, east façade, entablature, detail depicting Mannerist 'dropped' triglyph
    • Title: View: Court, north façade, close view of wall rustication
    • Title: grotto (grotta), Material: stucco reliefs
    • Work Type: Architecture and City Planning
    • Date:1535
    • Location: site: Mantua, Lombardy, Italy
    • Material: stone
    • Technique: construction (assembling); fresco painting (technique)
    • Style Period: Mannerist (Renaissance-Baroque style)
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