Art History II, Part I, 13

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    • Creator: Agnolo Bronzino
    • Title: Portrait of Bartolomeo Panciatichi
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: c. 1540
    • Material: oil on panel

    Bronzino, Portrait of a Young Man, c.1550
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    • Creator: Rinaldo Mantovano, from designs by Giulio Romano
    • Title: Sala dei Giganti: The Gods on Mount Olympus and the Fall of the Giants
    • Title: detail including Giants Buried under Pelion and Ossa, Collapse of the Giants' Hall
    • Title: vault fresco, Zeus and the Olympians
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: 1530
    • Location: Palazzo del Te (Mantua, Italy)
    • Material: fresco
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    • Creator: Correggio
    • Title: Jupiter and Io
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: c. 1530
    • Material: oil on canvas

    • Creator: Correggio
    • Title: Abduction of Ganymede
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: c.1530
    • Material: oil on canvas
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    • Creator: Correggio
    • Title: Madonna of Saint George
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date:1532
    • Material: oil on panel

    • Creator: Correggio
    • Title: Madonna of Saint Sebastian
    • Work Type: painting
    • Date: 1524
    • Material: oil on panel
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    • Creator: Correggio
    • Title: Assumption of the Virgin, Parma, Parma Cathedral, interior: Dome
    • Work Type: fresco
    • Date: 1530 AD
    • Material: fresco
    • Style Period: Renaissance
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    • Matthias Grunewald
    • Title: Isenheim Altarpiece (details of closed); details of open
    • c. 1510
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    Lucas Cranach the Elder, portrait of Martin Luther, 1533

    Lucas Cranach the Elder, Katharina von Bora, 1526
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    Lucas Cranach the Elder, Allegory of Law and Grace, c. 1530, woodcut
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    Titian, Venus of Urbino, c. 1538, oil on canvas
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    Paolo Veronese, The Feast in the House of Levi, 1573, oil on canvas
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    Andrea Palladio, Villa Rotonda, , Italy, c. 1570
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    Palladio, exterior and interior of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, 1565
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    Tintoretto, The Last Supper, San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, 1594, oil on canvas
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    Albrecht Durer, Self-portrait, 1500, oil on panel
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    Durer, Adam and Eve, 1504, engraving
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    Durer, The Great Piece of Turf, 1503, watercolor
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    Durer, Knight, Death and the Devil, 1513, engraving
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    Durer, Last Supper, 1523, woodcut
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