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  1. Why are camels so important to Mongolians? Give 4 reasons.
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    • 1.) Can carry 900 pounds
    • 2.) Can go with no water for a week
    • 3.) Can go with no food for a month
    • 4.) Can go 30 miles a day!
  2. Why are horses so important to Mongolians? Give 4 reasons
    • 1.) For horse milk
    • 2.) For transportation
    • 3.) To do races
    • 4.) To pull heavy loads
  3. Why are sheep important to Mongolians?
    • 1.) Wool
    • 2.) for meat
    • 3.) to trade
  4. What are ghers? Describe them. What do they look like? What materials are used? How is it put together?
    Ghers are round "tents" that Mongolian Nomads stay in. These ghers are covered in wool which stays warm in the winter and cold in the summer. The "tent" is put together with rods that snap in place. No nails needed.
  5. List several positive facets of a gher.
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    • Ghers are portable, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and it suits a nomadic lifestye
  6. What is the name is the name of the traditional clothing most Mongolians wear?
  7. How often do Mongolians move and why?
    Mongolians move up to ten times a year to get fresh grass for their animals
  8. Describe three ways Mongolians rely on their enviroment.
    They rely on the horses for milk

    They rely on the grass to feed their animals which feed them

    [And] They rely on the soarse trees to cut down for firewood
  9. Describe three ways Mongolians adapt to their enviroments
    They adapt to the cold by bundeling up in dhels and staying inside their ghers when possible.

    They adapt to the sparse grass by moving every so often

    They adapt to the fact that there are no schools very close, so they homeschool their children
  10. Who was Genghis Khan?
    Genghis Khan was a world ruler who set one Mongolian group against another. In the end, though, he brought the Mongolian groups together
  11. What is the world's tallest mountain range and where is it?
    The Himilayas is the world's tallest mountain range. This mountain range is in South Western China
  12. What is the name of the plateau that lies in between the Himilayas and the Kunlun mountains?
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    • The Plateau of Tibet
  13. What is China's longest river?
    The Yangtze (or Chan) river
  14. That is the desert located in the Northern area of China?
    The Gobi Desert
  15. Where is the Plateau of Tibet found?
    In between he Himilayas and the Kunlun mountains
  16. Why are the Northern and Eastern China plains so important to the people?
    The Northern and Eastern plains are so important to the Chinese because that's the only land good for farming, and farming is big in China.
  17. What climates are found in China?
    Desert, Steppe, Marine West Coast, and Humind Continental
  18. What crops have Chinese farmers grown for over 7,000 years?
  19. Define Emperor
    some who rules a large empire
  20. Define dynasty
    A ruling family that passes power from one generation to the next
  21. What's China's most famous landmark?
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    • The Great Wall of China
  22. What is the Terra Cotta army?
    The Terra Cotta army is an army of stone army people who were said to protect an emperor whom was buried there from any harm.
  23. What is the name of the route that the European and Chinese people traded on?
    The Silk Road

    (not made of silk)
  24. What is porcelain?
    a very fine type of pottery.
  25. Why was life under Mao Zedong's rule not easy? List as many reasons as you can.
    • Only government-owned businesses
    • You could's chose what to plant,
    • or where to live
    • family were seperated,
    • no freedom of speech or religion
    • and schools shut down
  26. How did life change in China after Mao died?
    People owned small businesses, schools opened back up, you could choose what to plant, & you could choose where to live.
  27. Where do most people live in China?
    In the Northeastern area
  28. On what river are several of Chinas cities located on?
    The Chang (or Yangtze) river
  29. Define command economy
    Command economy is where government controls and makes most of the desicions about the economy.
  30. What is China's largest city?
    Shanghai is China's largest city
  31. What is the name of the city that emperors used to live in?
    The Forbidden City
  32. What percent of the land is good for farming? What percent of the population are farmers?
    10% of the land is good for farming

    50+% of the population are farmers
  33. Define multiple cropping
    Multiple cropping is when you plant multiple crops on the same land in a year.
  34. What major problems still exist in China?
    • No freedom of speech
    • Not enough schools
    • Too many unemployed
  35. What does China still control? give 3 examples
    • Freedom of speech
    • religions
    • child birth
  36. What do the Chinese highly value for their children?
    To go to college
  37. Why is it so difficult to get into a Chinese college?
    Because there are too many people, and not enough colleges.
  38. Why do people live mosty in eastern China? What is good or bad in China?
    people mostly live in eastern CHina because the land is fertile and it's not mountainous

    mainly, the south & eastern areas are mountainous, while the north and the east are gently rolling and fertile.
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