Reading lesson 5

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  1. What does Antic mean?
    (noun) A playful or funny act (usually plural)
  2. What does attire mean?
    • (noun) clothes, especially fine and expensive
    • (verb) to dress up or be dressed up
  3. What does captivate mean?
    (verb) to please greatly; to win over by special charm
  4. What does deft mean?
    (adj.) quick and sure; skillful at handling
  5. What does diligent mean?
    (adj.) working with great care and effort
  6. What eclipse mean?
    • (noun) the total or partial hiding of one heavenly body by another
    • (verb) to do better than; to outshine
  7. What does evolve mean?
    • (verb) to develop and change gradually overtime
    • (noun) evolution the changes that take place as something evolves
  8. What does innate mean?
    (adj.) having from birth;occuring naturally rather than being taught
  9. What does inscribe mean?
    • (verb) to write, print or etch into a permanent record.
    • (noun) inscription the act of inscribing or what is inscribed.
  10. What does posture mean?
    • (noun) the way one holds one's body; a pose or position.
    • (verb) to assume a particular position; especially a pretended one.
  11. What does shroud mean?
    • (noun) something that covers or hides from veiw
    • (noun) cloth used to wrap a dead body before burial
  12. What does stifle mean?
    • (verb) to cut off air from; to smother
    • (verb) to hold back; to check
  13. What does tentative mean?
    (adj.) not fully worked out or final; hesitating or uncertain
  14. What does tranquil mean?
    • (adj.) calm; peaceful
    • (noun) tranquility the state of being tranquil
  15. What does versatile mean?
    • (adj.) able to do many different things; be used in many different ways
    • (noun) versatility the state or condition of being versatile.
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