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  1. placidly
    in a good natured manner; quiet and tranquil
  2. elude
    escape; be incomprehensible to;
  3. chastened
    punished for reproof or reprimand
  4. nostalgia
    longing for something past
  5. languor
    showing unusual lack of interest or eneergy; relaxed confortable feeling
  6. solace
    comfort in disappointment or misery
  7. persistent
  8. plaintively
    sounding sad and mournful
  9. injunction
    judges formal command
  10. contrite
    feeling regret for fault or offense
  11. abreast
    being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge
  12. imploring
    expressing earnest entreaty
  13. copiously
    in an abundant manner
  14. vindictive
    showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; revengeful
  15. elapse
    pass by; happened
  16. avert
    turn away or aside; prevent occurance of
  17. mull
    reflect deeply on a subject
  18. duped
  19. obstinacy
    resolute adherance to your own ideas or desires; trait of being difficult to handle or overcome
  20. nullify
    make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of; show to be invalid
  21. surreptitiously
    in a surreptitious manner
  22. bulwark
    fencelike strucutre around deck; prevents beach from washing away; embankment for defensive purposes
  23. invocation
    act of appearling for help; prayer for god's help in religious service
  24. stagnant
    not growing or changing; not flowing;
  25. emulate
    compete with successfully; approach or reach equality with; strive to match by imitation
  26. bedlam
    disapproving term for insane asylum; state of confusion and disorder
  27. relegated
    consign or dismiss to an inferior rank or position
  28. assertion
    empathetic declaration; act of affirming or asserting or stating something
  29. intoned
    uttered in monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting
  30. tacit
    indicated by necessary connotation through not expressed directly
  31. unatonable
    can't be atoned for
  32. squalor
    sordid dirtiness
  33. cease
    have an end; put an end to a state or activity
  34. relapse
    failure to maintain higher state; go back to bad behavior;
  35. futile
    producing no result or effect; uproductive of success
  36. predilection
    predisposition in favor of something; strong liking
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