vocab 16

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  1. Abate
    To reduce in intensity or amount
  2. antecedent
    preceding a cause
  3. arid
    very dry
  4. baneful
    a source of harm or destruction; harmful, destructive
  5. beleaguer
    to harass
  6. contempt
    scorn, extreme dislike or disdain
  7. cynical
    given to faultfinding, sneering, and sarcasm; exhibiting mocking disbelief
  8. dexterous
    skillful and active with the hands; manually adroit and skillful
  9. dour
    sullen, stern, harsh
  10. exalt
    to glorify, to praise, to raise in rank
  11. felicitous
    happy or delight
  12. impeccable
    free from fault or blame
  13. imperturbable
    marked by extreme calm, impassivity, assurance and steadiness
  14. mortify
    to humiliate, to wound pride, to experience shame
  15. obdurate
    extremely stubborn, unwilling to accept advice
  16. platitude
    trite remark, banal statement
  17. profligate
    a wasteful person; extremely wasteful, given to licentiousness
  18. pugnacious
    looking for a fight, combative, belligerent
  19. savory
  20. spurn
    to reject or to refuse with hostility
  21. supercilious
    haughty, vain, arrogant
  22. trite
    overuse, commonplace, hackneyed
  23. vociferous
    clamorous; boisterous (suggest a vehement outcry)
  24. vulgarity
    something offensive to good taste and refinement
  25. malleable
    capable of being shaped, influenced, or altered; tractable
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