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  1. Econation
    Actions of moving the palm down!
  2. soupination
    actions of moving the palm up!
  3. elevation
    move superiorly
  4. Eversion
    sole of the foot away frpm the midline!
  5. Inversion
    sole of the foot toward the midline!
  6. depression
    move inferiorly
  7. Plantar flexion
    bending the foot down toes point down!
  8. Extension
    Movement that straightens or opens a joint!
  9. Dorsi flexion
    Bending the foot upward toes point up!
  10. circumduction
    Proximal end is relitivaly fixed and distal end moves in a circle
  11. adduction
    movement toward the midline
  12. rotation
    Movement of a bone around longitudal axis
  13. abduction
    movement away from the midline!
  14. hyper extending
    continue past extension
  15. caudal
    tail end
  16. dorsal
  17. cranial/cephal
    head end
  18. lateral flexion
    bending toward the side of the body!
  19. flexion
    movement that bends at the joint!

    (like when you bend your elbow)
  20. Ventral
    Front of the thprasic cavity!
  21. Centrifugal
    Away from the heart!
  22. Protraction
    move anteriorly!
  23. Centripetal
    toward the heart!
  24. Deep
  25. Superficial
    closest to the surface!
  26. Inferior
    Below toward the feet
  27. Superior
    Above, toward the head!
  28. Laterally Recondent
    Lying on your side!
  29. Soupin
    Face up!
  30. Prone
    Face down!
  31. Mid-sagital
    Runs down the middle of the body dividing it into equal halfs
  32. Sagital
    Dividing the body into left and right halfs
  33. Transverse
    Divides the body into upper and lower levels
  34. Automical position
    Standing erect with palms facing forward
  35. Anatomy
    stduy of the structure of the body
  36. coronal/frontal
    Divides the body into front and back portions
  37. Adipose
    Specialized for fat storage
  38. Diffusion
    Movement of molecules from an area of high to low concentrations
  39. Mitocondria
    Cells power plant and site for cellular respiration!
  40. Arrector pili
    Tiny muscles that pull the hair upright
  41. Opposition
    Thumb pad crosses the palm toward the pinky!
  42. Reposition
    Return to anatonical position
  43. Homeostasis
    Constancy of the bodys internal environemt
  44. Nucleous
    Cells control central, directing nearly all metabolic activities
  45. hemopoesis
    Produces red blood cells
  46. Cartilage
    Connective tissue foumd cheifly in the thorax, joints, and some rigid tubes of the body (trachea, laynx) that is tough and protective
  47. Symptoms
    Subjective changes in the body of which only the person experiencingthem is aware, such as headaches, nawsea, and anxiety
  48. Isometric Contraction
    Contraction in which muscle length remains the same whilr muscles tension increases.
  49. Isotonic Contraction
    Contraction in which muscle tone or temsion remains the same as the length of the muscle changes
  50. Connective tissue
    Tissue that makes up ,ost of the body and helps transports nutrients, defends the body and against disease, assist in blood clotting, and acts as a supportive framework!
  51. Epiphysis
    End of long bone
  52. Diaphysis
    Cylindrical shaft of a long bone
  53. Homestasis
    Contancy of the bodys internal environment representing
  54. Axial
    The skeletoms Center
  55. Appendicular
    Composed of the arms and legs
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