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  1. J
  2. Sources of the pentatach
    Yahwist J

    Dueteronmist D

    Eolosit E

    Priestly P
  3. How many books are in the old testament
  4. Torah
  5. 21 letters are attributed to
    Paul, James, Peter John, Jude
  6. Hebrew Scriptures are called
  7. New Testament is divided into how many sections
  8. 4 parts of catholic bible
    • Historical books
    • wisdom books
    • pentateuch
    • prophetic books
  9. Jesus' name means...
    savior/ God Saves
  10. Jesus was born in
    Bethelehem in Judea
  11. Jesus grew up in
    Nazareth in Galilee
  12. Jesus began a public ministry around
  13. The 12 apostals represent
    the 12 tribes of Israel
  14. The New Testament has how many books
  15. sections of the new testament
    • Gospel
    • 21 letters
    • book of revelation
    • acts of the apostals
  16. reasons to write down the oral preaching about Jesus traditon
    • 1 Jesus's second coming had not happened: eyewitnesses; diciples of Jesus began to die
    • 2 distortions in oral traditions
    • 3more insturction was needed for New Christians
  17. Writers of the Gospels are called
  18. Didache
    teaching about Jesus Christ it believers
  19. Kergyma
    Preaching to non believers
  20. Ketubim
  21. Nebim
  22. Gospel of Luke
    protrays Jesus as a savior with speacial concern for the poor and outcast
  23. portrays jesus as a teacher
    Gospel of Matthew
  24. Gospel of Mark
    protrays jesus as suffeing servant
  25. liturgy
    public, community worship
  26. portrays Jesus as word of God
    Gospel of John
  27. the 3 forms of oral tradition
    • Kergyma
    • Didache
    • Liturgy
  28. evangelists task
    to shape an orderly narrative from Jesus's baptism to his resurrection
  29. Catechesis
    process of systematic eduactioni the faith for young people and adult with the view oof making them disciples of Jesus Christ
  30. Canon
    the collection of sacred writtings believed to be inspired by God and seen as (normative) the standard for Faith and practice
  31. Gospel
    evangellion meaning Good News
  32. Mark
    first to apply term gosel to a book telling the story of Jesus
  33. Synoptic Gospels
    Mark Matthew Luke
  34. Synpotic
    • simular at many points when side by side
    • "to view together"
  35. why synopotic
    • the simularites are in order of events
    • material language
  36. the Gospel of John is not
  37. is very different in outline and approach
  38. the 4 ______ _______ are written faith statements and summaries that tell how God was present and active in the person of his son Jesus
    canonical Gospels
  39. Acts of the Apostels written by
  40. describes how the salvation promised to Israel in the Old Testement and accomplished by Jesus has now under the guidence of the holy Spirit been extened to the Gentiles
    The Acts of the Apostals
  41. stresses the continuity between Judaism and Christianity
  42. Epistles
  43. 21 letters intended for
  44. 21 letters are wirtten according to
    a set literary style
  45. letters
    • 1 begin with a greeting including an identification of the sender and of the recipient
    • 2 a prayer usually in the form of thanksgiving

    • 3the body of the letter
    • -provides on setting forth of christian teachein
    • -usually brought on by concrete concluson about moral behavior
    • 4 ending the letter
    • -advice
    • -a formula of fare well
  46. ____of the____ are traditionally attributed to _____
    • 14
    • 21 letters
    • Paul
  47. ____ identify Paul as their author, but most scholars believe that some of them were acually written by his disciples
  48. the letter to the _____ does not claim Paul as the author, but it wa attached at the very end of Paul's letters
  49. letters attrubuted to Paul
    • Prison letters
    • Patoral Epistles
  50. Prison Letters
    • Ephesians, Philippians, colossians, philemon
    • called prison letters because each author speaks of being inprison at the time of writting
  51. Pastorial Epistles
    • I & II Timothey
    • Titus
    • becasue adressed to individuals to give advice to disciples on how to care for the flock
  52. _____ of the letters are not attributed to Paul
  53. Called Catholic Epistles
    • becaue most of these letters are not directed to a single christian community but an audience
    • were adressed to a universal church
  54. James
    I&II Peter
    I,II,&III John
    Catholic Epistles
  55. Catholic means
  56. A highly symbolic work
    The Book of Revelation
  57. Purpose of the Book of Revelation is
    to encourage christions who were undergoing persecution for thier faith in Jesus Christ
  58. The Book of Revelation is
    an apocalyptic writting
  59. P
  60. D
  61. E
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