Health Vocab

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  1. Spiritual Health
    a deep seated sense of maning and purpose in Life
  2. Culture
    The collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group
  3. obstinence
    • a deliberate decision to avoid high risk behaviors including sexual activity and use
    • the use of tabaccco alcohol and other drugs
  4. risk behaviors
    actions that can poenetially threaten your helath of the health of others
  5. taking steps to keep something from happening or gettig worse
  6. wellness
    an overall snse of well-being or total health
  7. technonlogy
    radio television and the internet
  8. chronic disease
    an on goin condition or illness
  9. heredity
    all the traits that were biolgically passes on to you from your parents
  10. peers
    people of the same age who share simmular intrests
  11. media
    various methods for communicaing information
  12. enviroment
    the sum of your surrroundings
  13. Health
    the combinatin of physical, mental, emotional , a social well being
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