Research Methods 7050

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  1. Independent Variable
    Determines another variable
  2. Dependent Variable
    Caused by another variable
  3. Idiographic explanation
    look at every element
  4. Nomothetic
    generalize by looking at a few
  5. Inductive
    Bottom - up method that starts with data and moves to a theory. Identifies patterns.
  6. Deductive
    top down - start with a theory and get data
  7. Paradigm
    a model or frame of reference through which to observe and understand
  8. thoery
    something that explains observations, variables
  9. hypothesis
    testable expectation about empirical reality that follows from a more general proposition
  10. concept
    abstract terms representing common characteristics i.e. user satisfaction
  11. Belmont Report
    Syphilis study that framed ethical principles such as respect for perseons, beneficence and justice
  12. IRB
    Institutional Review Board ensures that ethical guildelines are followed - three levels - exempt, expediated and full-review
  13. Anonymity
    data is not attached to a real person
  14. confidentiality
    Data and person are attached but promise not to release data
  15. Exploration
    Don't know much about subject, preliminary research
  16. Description
    data (census)
  17. Explanation
    look at causes, relationship among variables
  18. Unit of analysis
    the what or whom being studied - groups, individuals, dept, organization, social artifact
  19. ecological fallacy
    Erroneously drawing conclusions about individuals solely from the observations of groups
  20. Trend Studies
    a given characteristic of some population is monitored over time
  21. Cohort study
    A study in which some pecific subpopulation or cohort is studied over time, data may be collected from different members in each set of observations
  22. Panel studies
    A type of lingitudinal study in which data are collected from the same set of people at several points in time.
  23. Causation
    One thing directly influences another. A causes B.
  24. Correlation
    Don't know which one is first but they are related
  25. Spurious relationship
    coincidental relationship - ex. shoe size determines math ability
  26. Conceptualization
    take an abstract idea and get a precise definition ( romantic love)
  27. Operationalization
    How to measure concept (i.e. surveys)
  28. Dimensions
    aspects of the concepts
  29. Indicator
    an observation that we choose to consider as a reflection of a variable we wish to study
  30. Nominal measurement
    named measurement - i.e. gender
  31. Ordinal
    ranked scale no definite measure between intervals
  32. interval measurement
    interval is same between (i.e. temperature)
  33. Ratio measurement
    absolute zero (i.e. age)
  34. Reliability
    Same result over and over - consistent (empirical)
  35. Validity
    Theoretical measure true meaning
  36. Random Error
    noise (variability) human error related inversely to reliability
  37. Non random error
    systemic error
  38. Face validity
    Judging whether it appears to be measuring concept
  39. content vailidity
    degree to which a measure covers the range of meanings included within a conept
  40. Predictive validity
    measure verifiable by future criteria
  41. Convergent validity
    two different measures have comparable data
  42. Discriminant validity
    Related to each other but is a different concept (like, love)
  43. Test retest reliability
    same test to same group same results
  44. Parallel forms reliability
    Same test at the same time to two different groups
  45. Intercoder reliability
    two observers at the same time
  46. Internal consistency
    test of whether different indicators of same concept give same result
  47. Indexes
    Each itme treated equally
  48. Indexes - internal validation
    type of composite measure that summarizes and rank orders several specific observations and represents some more general dimension
  49. Scales - more valid
    composite measure composed of several items that have a logical or empirical structure - likert
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