obs and gyny

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  1. When should anti-D be given in Rh - mothers?
    • 28 and 32 weeks.
    • In ectopic pregnancy.
    • When high risk of transplacental haemorrahge e.g. CVS, external cephalic version, amniocentesis, foetal blood sampling, abdo trauma.
    • all surgical and medical terminations unless already known to have anti-D.
    • threatened miscarriage after 12 weeks but not before.
  2. When is amniocentesis carried out and what is the loss rate?
    • 10-13 weeks 5%
    • 16% 0.5% (standard time)
  3. When is CVS conducted?
    after 10 weeks (ealier than amniocentesis). loss rate is 4%, can be used to 20 weeks were cordocentesis is then used.
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