Chapter 46

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  1. Cardiovascular system
    Formed by the heart, blood, and blood vessels
  2. lymphatic system
    formed by the lymphs, lympth nodes and lymph vessels
  3. atrium
    the upper chambers of the heart
  4. ventricle
    lower chambers of the heart
  5. valves
    flapes of tissue that open in only one direction
  6. sinotrial node (SA)
    a group of specialized heart-muscle cells located in the right atrium
  7. atrioventricular node (AV)
    relays the electrical impulse to the muscle cells that make up the ventricles
  8. pulse
    a series of pressure waves within an artery caused by the contractions of the left ventricle
  9. blood pressure
    the force that the blood exerts against the inside walls of a blood vessel
  10. hypertention
    high blood pressure
  11. capillaries
    a network of tiny vessels
  12. Vein
    a large blood vessel that carries blood to the heart
  13. pulmonary circulation
    where blood travels from the heart to the lungs
  14. systemic circualtion
    where blood travels between the heart and all other body tissues
  15. atheroclerosis
    a disease characterized by the buildup of fatty materials on the interior walls of the cornary arteries
  16. lymph
    excess fluid in the tissue that moves into the tiny vessels of the lymphatic system
  17. plasma
    a fluid component needed in blood
  18. red blood cells
    transport oxygen to the cells in all parts of the body
  19. hemoglobin
    an iron-containing protein
  20. white blood cells
    helps defend the body against dieseases, infections and toxins
  21. phagocyte
    a type of white blood cell
  22. antibodies
    protiens that help destroy substances that can cause diesases
  23. platelets
    essential to the formation of a blood clot
  24. fibrin
    a production of protien
  25. blood type
    a classifcation of blood determined by the type of antigen persent on the surface of the red blood cells
  26. antigen
    a substance that stimulates an immuce response
  27. Rh factor
    an antigen present on the surface of red blood cells
  28. external resperation
    the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and blood
  29. respiratory system
    function to exchange gases with the cardiovascular system
  30. lungs
    the site of gas exchange between the atmosphere and the blood
  31. pharnx
    a tube at the back of the nasal cavities and the mouth
  32. epiglottis
    a flap of cartilage that presses on the flood and covers the opening of the air passage
  33. trachea
    the windpipe
  34. larynx
    the voicebox
  35. bronchi
    a tube that leads to the lungs
  36. bronchioles
    the smallest tube
  37. alveoli
    clusters of tiny air sacs
  38. inspiration
    the process of taking air into the lungs
  39. diaphragm
    a larch skeletal muscle that seperates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity
  40. expiration
    the process of releasing air from the lungs
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