sexual psychology chapter 3

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  1. Structural similarities of external genitalia for males
    & females
    glands=clitorus, shaft=labia minora, scrotum-labia majora
  2. Structural similarities of external genitalia for males
    & females (initally undifferentiated)
    DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) produces the glands, shaft, and scrotum
  3. True Hermaphidite
    have both ovarian and testicular tissue in their bodies, Their external genitals are often a mixture of female and male structures
  4. Pseudohermaphrodites
    are born with gonads that match their chromosomal sex
  5. Androgen insensitivity syndrome
    chromosomally normal males to be insensitive to the action of testosterone and other androgens, These individuals develop female external geni-tals of normal appearance
  6. Transsexuals
    a person whose gender identity is opposite to his or her biological sex
  7. Androgynous individuals
    more flexible in their behaviors, are less limited by rigid gender- role assumptions, have higher levels of self- esteem, make better decisions in group settings, have better communication skills, and exhibit more social competence and motivation to achieve than do people who are strongly gender typed or those who score low in both areas
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sexual psychology chapter 3
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