ACLAM Gerbils, Sheep, ferrets

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  1. Meriones gestation length
    • 24-26 d nonlactating
    • 24-48 lactating
  2. cow gestation pen space
    10 x 10
  3. Ewe gestation pen space
    14 sq ft
  4. what position is most humane to handle gerbils in?
    upright, not on back
  5. What species can you take up to 25% of the blood volume?
    sheep- ovis aries
  6. This species has larger adrenal glands than any other rodents
    meriones unguiculatus
  7. The fat tailed Gerbil (jird) scientific name
    Pacyuromys dupasi
  8. The only known animal to mimic human disease of aural cholesteatomas
    Meriones unguiculatus
  9. What species has strong pair bonding
    Meriones, not Pacyuromys
  10. Spermophilus gestation period
    23-31 days
  11. Spermophilus richardsonii estrous cycle type
  12. Spermophilus use in research
    hibernation, hepatitis B, cholesterol fed gallstone formation, and hepatocell carcinoma
  13. Cynomys use in research
    biliary physiology, gallstone formation
  14. Cynomys estrous cycle
    monestrous and do not start breeding until 2 years
  15. Gestation of Cynomys
    34-37 days
  16. Geomys and Theomys use in research
    molecular evolution
  17. Dipodomys spectabilis and merriami breed when
    throughout the year, seasonally plyestrous
  18. Gestation length in Dipodomys
    29-33 days
  19. Which other rodent is difficult to breed because of their aggressiveness towards one another
    Dipodomys spp.
  20. Gestation for Neotoma
    30-40 days
  21. Which other rodent has long or all year breeding cycles and small litters?
    Neotoma or wood rat
  22. Neotoma spp use in research
    behavioral, neuro studies, source of zoonotic microorganisms
  23. Gestation length of Onychomys
    26-37 days
  24. How many litters per year can Onychomys have?
  25. Onychomys use in research
    highly aggressive nature warrants use in reproduction and behavior
  26. Peromyscus maniculatus and leucopus use in resarch
    • genetics, physiology, aging, cataracts, and behavior
    • zoonotic disease- hantavirus, Lyme, vsv, erlichiosis, babesiosi, trypanomiasis and tularemia
  27. Name an other rodent that breeds year round in lab
    • Peromyscus leucopus and maniculatus
    • Also Dipodomys
  28. Oryzomys prefer this environmental enrichment to reduce stress
    Hollow brick as shelter
  29. Which other rodent is the predominan reservoir host for Bayou virus ( cause of Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome)
    Oryzomys palustris
  30. Which other rodent lacs a reproductive response to photperiod and is thus a good model for circannual reporductive cycles?
    Cane Mice
  31. Xygodotomys brevicauda is a natural host for which virus
    Guanarito Virus ( Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever)
  32. In Zygondotomys brevicauda how long is the gestation length, and when is weaning?
    • Gestation: 25 days
    • day 16 weaning
  33. Gestation in Sigmodon Hispidus/ Fluviventer?
    Weaning age?
    • 27 days
    • EARLY: 5-7 days
  34. Mystromys are actually in the same subfamily as which rodent
    Hamsters- Cricetinae
  35. While being a great model for diabetes mellitus, the white tailed rat is also a great model for what disease?
    American cutaneous leishmaniasis- Leishmania braziliensis
  36. The mystormys albicaudatus has an interesting repro behavior:
    Gestation period?
    Newborns stay attached for how long?
    • 38 days
    • 3 weeks
  37. Microtus are predisposed to what with handling and environmnetal stress?
    • tonic-clonic seizures and head shaking
    • Good model for epileptiform seizures
  38. Microtus use in research
    • Physiology of vomeronasal organ in chemosensory cues
    • seizures
    • spatial learning
    • nutirion studies
    • African trypanosamyasis
  39. This other rodent has such a high metabolic rate that it becomes hypoglycemic within 6 hours
    Microtus penssylvanicus
  40. Microtus have what type of repro cycle?
    polyestrous induced ovulators
  41. Mastomys use in resarch
    zoonotic disease, Yersenia pestis, parasitic disese, Zollinger Ellison syndrome
  42. Mastomys do not have this anatomical structure
    gall bladder
  43. Both males and females of this other rodent species have a prostate gland
  44. Gestation period of multimammate rat
    23 days , weaing at 19-21, monogamous pairs
  45. Octodon Degu use in research
    human sleep/wake patern due to their diurnal behaviro
  46. Degus repro cycle
    Gestation period
    • breed year round
    • Gestion 90 days
  47. How often do Octodon and Chinchillas dust bathe
    twice a week
  48. Chinchillas estrous cycle length and type
    Gestaion lenth
    • seasonally polyestrous
    • 38 days with a vaginal closure membrane- estrous cycle
    • Gestation 110.8 days
  49. The optimal temperature for a chinchilla
    20+/- 2 degree C (not heat tolerant just like ferret)
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