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  1. which form of gypsum product is commonly used for making diagnostic models?
  2. An example of an anticoagulant is
  3. a normal adult respiration rate is
    10 to 20 breaths per minute
  4. the advantage of using a glass ionomer restorative material is:
    it releases flouride after its final setting
  5. a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown would be designed so the porcelain would always be on the _ surface.
  6. what instrument is used to mix a calcium hydroxide cavity liner?
    small spatula
  7. the dental team is completing an amalgam procedure on 4mod. which of following statements is true?
    a. one wedge and no smooth surface carvers would be used
    b. two wedges, smooth surface, anmd anatomical carvers would be used
    c. theres is no need to use a matrix band and retainer in this situation
    d. theres is no need to use wedges in this situation
  8. nitrous oxide and oxygen are supplied in large cylinders tanks. color-coding identifies the content of these tanks. what color is the nitrous oxide tank?
  9. which of the following is not a component of a clinical record?
    a. clinical chart
    b. health history
    c. medical history
    d. recall card
  10. a finger rest taht stabilizes the hand so there is less possibility of slipping or traumatizing the tissue in the mouth is known as
  11. what is the average range of the body's oral resting temperature?
    97.6 to 99 F
  12. in which of the following procedures could the patient be placed in an upright position?
    a. composite procedure
    b. removal of a posterior tooth
    c. polishing of the teeth after a prophylaxis
    d. taking impressions
  13. the ABCDs of basic life support stand for:
    airway, breathing, circulation, and defibrillation
  14. high-volume evacuation provides all except
    a. increase the patients desire to rinse
    b. decrease the patients desire to rinse
    c. decrease the amount of aerosol emanating from the patients mouth
    d. increase visibility
  15. which of the following instruments is used to trim soft tissue during an oral surgery procedure?
    surgical scissords
  16. the angle of the bevel of the HVE tip should always be:
    a. parallel to the buccal or lingual surface
    b. at right angles to the buccal and lingual surfaces
    c. parallel to the occlusal surface
    d. in whatever position the assistant is comfortable
  17. whcich of the following would not be used for smooth surface carving in an amalgam procedure?
    a. hollenback carver
    b. ward's C carver
    c. cleoid dicoid carver
  18. which member of the dental team is legally required to report suspected child abuse?
  19. the tip of the composite curing light should be held at an angle of _ degrees to the tooth.
  20. which of the following instruments wouyld be used to measure the depth of the gingival sulcus?
    periodontal probe
  21. which of the following records is considered a vital record?
    a. patient clinical chart
    b. bank reconcillation
    c. petty cash voucher
    d. cancelled chack
  22. if the room temperature and humidity are very low while mixing a final impression material, the setting time may be:
  23. the RDAs are the levels of essential nutrients that are needed by individuals on a daily basis. RDA stands for
    recommended dietary allowance
  24. the process of removing bacteria, necrotic tissue, and organic debris from the root canal is called?
    debriding the canal
  25. which of the following materials would not be used to take a final impression for the creation of a prosthetic device?
    alginate hydrocolloid
  26. under which of the following conditions would the shade for an anterior esthetic restorarion NOT be selected?
    after cavity preparation and medication
  27. surgical removal of diseased gingival tissues is called?
  28. which of the following statements is false as it relates to the acid etching of enamel for a composite restoration?
    a. acid-etching agent forms a mechanical bond with enamel
    b. the acid-etching agent is flooded onto the surface and is rubbed vigorously
    c. the material is generally applied with special applicators provided by the manufacturer
    d. the acid-etching agent is rinsed from the tooth after the recommended time to stop the etching process
  29. which of the following teeth generally have two roots?
    mandibular first molars
  30. the dentist informs you that a patient will need three appointments to complete a three-unit bridge. these appointments will likely be planned to:
    prepare the teeth, try on the bridge components, and seat the bridge.
  31. the tooth that has two roots and five cusps, of which three are on the buccal and two are on the lingual, would be a :
    mandibular first molar
  32. _, which is precipitated by stress and anxiety, may manifest in rapid, shallow breathing; light-headnedness; rapid heartbeat; and a panic-stricken appearance and is treated by having the patient breathe into a paper bag or cupped hands.
  33. when a two paste system is used for a composite material, the paste of either jar should not be cross-contaminated because:
    it will cause the material to harden
  34. when the operator is working on the labial surface of tooth No.9 the HVE tip is held:
    on the opposite side of the tooth being prepared
  35. the instrument used to adapt and condense gutta-percha points into the canal during endodontic treatment is:
    spreader/ plugger
  36. which of the following materials is recommended for polishing filled hybrid composites and resin restorations?
    aluminum oxide paste
  37. a tray is set up from _ to _
    left to right
  38. the impression automix system can be used for all but which of the following?
    a. syringe material
    b. tray material
    c. bite registration
    d. putty wash
  39. a condition called _ will result if an alginate impression absorbs additional water by neing stored in water or in a very wet paper towel.
    • imbibition
    • syneresis(water lost)
  40. when mixing dental cements, what determines the powder-to-liquid ratio?
    intended use
  41. which is the correct sequence for placing sealants?
    clean, isolate, etch
  42. aspirin is considered to be a
    mild analgesic
  43. when a health contraindication is present that prevents the use of a vasoconstrictor, the retraction cord is impregnated with _ and the cord may have a _ agent applied to it to control bleeding.
    aluminum chloride, hemostatic
  44. if a patient displays symptoms of hypoglycemia and is conscious, what is the first thing you should ask the patient?
    "when did you last eat and did you take insulin?"
  45. IRM is used primarily for:
    provisional restoration
  46. according to Black's classification of cavities, the type of decay diagnosed on the incisal edge of anterior teeth and the cusp tips of posterior teeth is _.
    Class VI
  47. a patient who displays symptoms of unconscousness, increased body temperature, rapid heartbeat, and incerased blood pressure may be diplaying symptoms of:
    a grand mal seizure
  48. which of the following statements is NOT a concept of four-handed dentistry?
    a. place the patient in the supine position
    b. the operator and the assistant should be as close to the patient as possible
    c. use present tray setups with instruments placed in sequence of use
    d. use a wide-winged patient chairback
  49. a hereditary abnormality in which defects in enamel formation occur is:
    amelogenesis imperfecta
  50. which of the following instruments would be used to remove debris or granulation tissue from a surgical site?
    surgical curette
  51. the process by which the resin material is changed from a pliable state to a hardened restoration is know as:
    light curing
  52. using the operating zones based on the "clock concept" the assistant's zone for a right-handed operator is?
    2 to 4 o'clock
  53. if the signature line on a prescription states 1 tab QID pm pain, this indicates that the patient would take the medication?
    one tablet four times a day as needed for pain
  54. which term is used for the blood pressure cuff and dial equipment?
  55. the _ handpiece can operate both forward and backward and can be used with a variety of attachments.
  56. when surgical retraction is performed rather than using chemical gingival retraction, the procedure is referred to as _.
  57. how long does a short-acting local anesthetic last? Less than
    30 minutes
  58. if humidity is high while mixing a final impression material, the setting time amy be:
  59. addtion of cold water to an alginate mix will cause the setting time to be:
  60. a patient is to take a medication 3 times a day. the prescription will indicate to the pharmacy that is taken:
  61. which of the following instruments would be the least likely to be used for placing a cavity liner?
    a. spoon excavator
    b. explorer
    c. ball burnisher
    d. amalgam condenser
    amalgam condenser
  62. _ cement must be mixed on a glass slab.
    zinc phosphate
  63. to control bleeding after surgical procedure, the patient should be instructed to do all of the following except_.
    a. bite on a folded sterile 2x2 gauze for at least 30min after procedure is completed
    b. if bleeding continues and does not stop, call the dental office
    c. restrict strenous work or physical activity for that day
    d. rinse vigorously after 6 hours
  64. a patient who displays symptoms of intermittent blinking, mouth movements, blank stare, and nonresponsiveness to surroundings may be displaying symptoms of
    petit mal seizure
  65. which are examples of narcotic analgesics?
    demerol and percodan
  66. when taking impressions, the next step after seating the patient and placing the patient napkin is to:
    explain the procedure to the patient
  67. the list of emergency telephone numbers posted next to each telephone throughout the office should include?
    • police and firefighters
    • nearest hospital, physicians, and oral surgeons
    • EMS system
  68. the tooth-numbering system that begins with the maxillary right third molar as tooth No.1 and ends with the mandibular right third molar as tooth No.32 is the ?
    universal system
  69. composite restorative materials are usually cured for _ seconds with the halogen curing light.
  70. which of the following blood pressure readings is the one that is heard and should be recorded second?
    • diastolic reading
    • systolic(1st)
  71. _ sealants _ require mixing as they cure when they are exposed to UV light.
    light-cured, do not
  72. the retromolar area is reproduced in the _ impression.
  73. an antibiotic _.
    kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
  74. the most frequently used substance in a medical emergency is?
  75. which of the following is NOT a measurement used in constructing a complete denture?
    a protrusion
    b. lateral excursion
    c. centric relation
    d. reversion
  76. when ready to use, properly mixed polycarboxylate cement should appear?
  77. _ can prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging arteries.
  78. the dental assistant's responsibility in an emergency situation is
    • to recognize the symptoms and signs of a significant medical compaint
    • to provide appropiate support in imprementing emergency procedures
  79. which of the following are uses for zinc oxide-eugenol cement?
    • cement for temporary crowns
    • sensitive base
  80. what is the endodontic test in which the dentist applies pressure to te mucosa above the apex of the root and notes any sensitivity or swelling?
  81. when should the needle guard be removed?
    after the syringe has been placed in the operator's hand
  82. a right-handed dentist is doing a preparation on 30MO. The dental assistant places the HVE tip?
    on the lingual of No, 30
  83. how many teeth are in the arch of a deciduous dentition?
  84. the primary step in preventing a medical emergency is to be certain that the patient has _ before treatment is begun.
    completed and updated his or her medical history
  85. the MyPyramid is an outline of what to eat each day. The smallest segment of the pyramid represents?
  86. which of the following endodontic instruments is used to curette the inside of the tooth to the base of the pulp chamber?
    long-shank spoon
  87. a _ procedure is performed to remove defects and to restore normal contours in the bone.
    osseous surgery
  88. a common solution used for irrigation during the debridement procedure in endodontic treatment is?
    sodium hypochlorite
  89. a patient has a fracture amalgam on 29DO. time in the doctor's schedule does not permit placement of a permanent restoration. which of the following statements is correct as to the type of dental and the consistency that would be used in this clinical situation?
    a. temporary cement to a secondary consistency
    b. final cement to secondary consistency
    c. temporary cement to primary consistency
    d. final cement to a primary cosnistency
  90. a
  91. a patient's medical history indicates that the patient has a prosthethic heart valve. because of a higher incidence of bacterial colonization, which medication will commonly be precribed for this patient?
  92. a double-ended knife with kidney-shaped blades commonly used in periodontal surgery in known as a
    Kirkland knife
  93. a posterior tooth with a deep preparation may require a base that is designed to prepare pulpal defense by functioning as a ?
    insulating base
  94. at what time can the final polish of a light-cured composite be accomplished?
    as soon as the material is polymerized
  95. the only nutrients that can build and repair body tissues are:
  96. a porcelain-fused-to-meatl crown is being seated. the assistant will mix the cement to a _ or _ consistency.
    cementation, primary
  97. which of the following is NOT a surgical procedure performed to remove defects or restore normal contours to the bone?
    a. osseous surgery
    b. oteoplasty
    c. osteoectomy
    d. gingivoplasty
  98. which may be prescribed for a patient to reduce patient fears and tension?
    antianxiety agent
  99. the most common site for taking the patients pulse in the dental office is?
    radial artery
  100. when taking blood pressure, the axhaust valve should be released at a reate of:
    2 to 3 mmHg per second
  101. a message about a serious illness or allergy should be noted in which manner on the clinical record?
    inside the record in a discreet but obvious manner, such as a small, brightly colored label
  102. which of the following statements is TRUE when using a Tofflemire matrix band and retainer?
    the matrix retainer is placed on the buccal and the wedge is place from the lingual at the proximal surface involved
  103. when disassembling the local anesthetic syringe, where is the contaminated needle discarded? in the :
    sharps container
  104. select two terms that describe the purpose and consistency of a dental cement used for the seating of a temporary crown..
    cementation and primary consistency
  105. the water-to-powder ration generally used for an adult mandibular impression is _ measures of water, _ scoops of powder.
  106. why is the aspirating syringe used in the administration of local anesthetic?
    to avoid injecting into a blood vessel
  107. the procedure that is done to remove subgingival calculus and necrotic tissue from the periodontal pocket is referred to as a
    gingival curettage
  108. which surgical procedure describes a hemisection?
    removal of the root and crown by cutting through each lenghtwise
  109. the process of removing bacteria, necrotic tissue, and organic debris from the root canal is called?
    debriding the canal
  110. the administrative assistant has failed to maintain the recall system for the past four months, which is likely to occur?
    decreased productivity will be evident
  111. the wooden wedge is placed in the gingival embrasure area for a Class II restoration to?
    • adapt the band to the cervical margin
    • aid in preventing overhangs
    • maintain proximal contact
  112. how long can a restoration of IRM last?
    several months 12
  113. which form of gypsum product is commonly used for making diagnostic models?
  114. a glass ionomer material may be used for?
    • restorative material
    • liner
    • luting agent
    • NOT for obtundant
  115. the dentist retires to another state and closes the practice, the entire staff is released from emplyment and the records remain in the office, but patients are not notified of the dentist retirement, failure to notify patients of the changes in the practices is called?
  116. a 10-year-old patient would likely have which of the following teeth?
    permanent mandibualr central and laterla incisors, primary second molars, permanent mandibular canines, permanet first molars
  117. which of the following instruments has sharp, round, angular tips to detect tooth anomalies?
    cowhorn explorer
  118. which of the following techniques could be used for caries removal?
    No.2 RA and spoon excavator
  119. an abbreviation used in the progress notes or chart to indicate a mesioocclusobuccal restoration would be?
  120. which ingredient in the local anesthetic solution has the ability to prolong the effect of the anesthetic by decreasing blood flow in the immediate area of the injection?
  121. which of the following is a thermoplastic material used to stabilize an anterior clamp?
    dental compound
  122. For employee safety, all nitrous oxide units should be equipped with a?
    scavenger system
  123. what is the endodontic test in which the dentist applies pressure to the mucosa above the apex of the root and notes any sensitivity or swelling?
  124. the process by which the livinf jawbone naturally grows around implanted dental supports is known as?
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