Ch.11 Definitions

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  1. Achromatopsia
    Color blind
  2. Astigmatism
    Defective curvature of the cornea and lens
  3. Cataract
    Cloudy lens
  4. Conjuntivitis
  5. Diabetic retinopathy
    Disease of the retina due to diabetes
  6. Glaucoma
    Increased intra-ocular pressure
  7. Hordeolum
  8. Macular degeneration
    Loss of central vision
  9. Photophobia
    Sensitivity to light
  10. Strabismus
    Eyes go in different directions

    Esotropia - cross-eyes

    Exotropia - Wall-eye
  11. Anacusis
    Without hearing
  12. Meniere disease
    Inner ear progressive hearing loss (symptoms: vertigo, hearing loss, ringing, and pressure)
  13. Otitis
    Infection in the middle ear
  14. Otosclerosis
    Hardening of the middle ear
  15. Presbycusis
    Old age hearing
  16. Presbyopia
    Old age vision
  17. Tinnitus
    Ring in the ears
  18. Vertigo
  19. Tonometry
    Process of measuring pressure
  20. Visual acuity test
    Eye test
  21. Audiometry
    Process of measuring hearing
  22. Otoscopy
    Visual examination of the external ear
  23. Cataract surgery
    Removing cloudy lens
  24. Corneal transplant
    Surgical transplantation of the cornea
  25. Iridectomy
    Excision of the iris
  26. Myopia
    Near sighted
  27. Hyperopia
    Far sighted
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