Pathophys Test 3

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  1. What percent of ATP depletion leads to changes in neurologic cortical signs (e.g., speech, behavior, memory)? (p.1)
    • When ATP levels falls to around 55% or normal, we see difficulty with conduction.
    • Noted by outward neurological vital sign changes.
    • Some examples of “cortical” signs are speech, behavior, memory, judgment, and personality changes.
    • Cortical signs = heralding signs
  2. At what temperature will brain cell death occur because of ATP depletion? (p.3)
    • 106 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Hyperthermia --> 10% increase in metabolic demand for every 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature over normal
    • At temp of 106 degrees Fahrenheit, brain rapidly advances to vegetation and brain death due to rapid ATP depletion
  3. In terms of time frame, when does seizure activity become a medical emergency? (p.3)
    Seizure activity ongoing more than 20-30 minutes = medical emergency due to rapid ATP depletion
  4. Review changes in blood flow during seizure activity (increased or decreased). (p.2)
    • Seizure activity = rapid depletory of ATP
    • Patient who can will attempt to increase cerebral blood flow as much as 250-300% in an attempt to meet metabolic demands of seizure activity.

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