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  1. invitation
    v. + may/ ?
  2. know 70-80% and want confirm
    V. + ree_V?
  3. drink coffee
    gin gaa faa_
  4. where are you?
    tii^ nayV?
  5. I am in Singapore
    tii^ singapore
  6. every place
    tuk/ tii^
  7. didn't study
    may^ daay^ rian
  8. must start studying thai again
    ree_m^ rian paasaaV tay iik\
  9. go visit person
    bpay yiam^
  10. go visit place
    bpay duu
  11. At first
    dtoo_n raak^
  12. want to visit
    yaak\ jee_
  13. stay with
    yuu\ gab\
  14. excited
    dtuu_n\ dten^
  15. law office
    ^ samV nak/ god\ maayV
  16. not yet meet
    yang may^ jee_
  17. drive car back to isaan
    kab\ rod/ glab\ iisaanV
  18. 2 nephews
    laanV chaay 2 kon
  19. all of us
    raw tuk/ kon
  20. land
    tii^ din
  21. build home
    saang^ baan^
  22. approximately
  23. on another person's land
    bon tii^ kon uu_n\
  24. away from this house
    haang\ jaak\ baan^ nii/
  25. at home of Wm
    tii^ baan^ wimon
  26. be in the same village
    yuu\ nay muu\ baan^ diaw gan
  27. increase
  28. want to buy land on the side to make bigger
    yaak\ suu_ / tii^ kaang^ kaang^ pee_m^
  29. owner
    jaaw^ koo_ngV
  30. want too much money
    yaak\ daay^ nge_n maak^ bpay
  31. sell expensively
    kaayV paa_ng
  32. pay
  33. until
  34. miss someone (feeling)
    kid/ tu_ngV
  35. miss something (train)
  36. business fail
    tamngaan plaad^
  37. special
  38. not do by negative feeling
    may^ + V.
  39. not talk to him/her
    may^ kuy gab\ kaw/
  40. didn't or haven't
    may^ daay^
  41. hospital
    roong payaabaan
  42. only 1 hour
    chua^ moong diaw
  43. everything
    tuk/ yaang\
  44. call to reach
    too (rasab\) haaV
  45. more than
    aayu/ maak^ gwaa\
  46. not have ?
    may^ mii ree_V?
  47. every man
    puu^ chaay^ tuk/ kon
  48. faster
    rew gwaa\
  49. buy something for someone
    suu_/ item hay^ receiver
  50. should
    kuan ja + V.
  51. want to get
    yaak\ daay^
  52. to offer
  53. decimal point
  54. water enter or not yet
    naam/ kaw^ ru_/ yang?
  55. electric enter?
    fay kaw^
  56. take picture
    taay\ ruub^
  57. not sure
    naa_^ jay may^daay^
  58. family
  59. strong
    kem^ ka_ngV
  60. direct personality
    dtrong bpay drong maa
  61. weak
    oo_n\ aa_
  62. sincere
    jing jay
  63. sweet mouth
    bpaak waanV
  64. most men
    puu^chaay suan\ maak^
  65. school
    roong rian
  66. until
    jaak\ .... jon tu_ngV ....
  67. send email to reach
    song\ email tu_ngV pomV
  68. hour
    chua^ moong
  69. half (30)
  70. in the afternoon
    dtoo_n baay\
  71. not sure
    may^ naa_^ jay
  72. still/yet
  73. or not
    ruu_/ bplaaw
  74. boring
    naa^ bua_\
  75. long time
    diaw naan
  76. just finish
    pe_ng^ sed\
  77. remember
    jam daay^
  78. where are you from
    kun bpen kon tii^ nayV?
  79. just done
  80. not yet sure
    yang may^ naa_^ jay
  81. n. + no. + cl .
  82. 2 men
    puu^ chaay 2 kon
  83. like to do
    choo_b^ tam
  84. or not yet
    ruu_/ yang?
  85. housekeeper
    maa_^ baan^
  86. 1st
  87. want to do sth.
    yaak\ + V.
  88. want to have a thing
    aw + noun
  89. big one/small one
    "an yay\
  90. how long
    naan taw^ray\?
  91. at once/ permanently
    V. + lee_y
  92. will do what?
    ja tam aray?
  93. same as usual
    mua_nV dee_m
  94. almost whole yr
    gua_b\ tang/ bpii
  95. will not
    ja may^
  96. will not have chance
    ja may^ daay^
  97. until the expired period of
    jon gwaa\
  98. the 2nd time
    krang/ tii^ 2
  99. only one day
    wan diaw
  100. we agree to
    raw dtok\ long gan waa^ ja...
  101. make a deal
    dtok long
  102. with each other
  103. meet each other again
    jee_ gan iik\
  104. next 2 weeks
    2 aatid/ naa^
  105. at the end
    nay tii^sud\
  106. not tasty as
    may^aro_y\ taw^
  107. many hrs
    laayV chua^moong
  108. i fell asleep
    pomV lab\
  109. identical type
    baa_b\ diaw gan
  110. install
    dtid\ dtang^
  111. ago
  112. I think like that.
    pomV kid/ yaang\ ngan/
  113. better over a period a of time
    dii ku_n^
  114. what did you do last week?
    "1 aatid/ tii^ paan\ maa
  115. win
  116. lose
  117. many people
    laayV kon
  118. doctor
  119. "get
  120. get/look for
  121. feel/touch
    ruu/ su_k\
  122. want to see
    yaak\ henV
  123. worry
    gang won
  124. too much
    maak bpay
  125. how many degree
    gii\ ong saaV?
  126. whatever/I dont care
    yang ngay goo_^daay^
  127. did not see
    may^ henV
  128. low
  129. there were not many people
    may^ ko_y^ mii kon ye_/
  130. cat
  131. duck
  132. one night
    nu_ng\ kuu_n
  133. cheap
  134. nowadays
    tuk/ wan nii/
  135. last time
    krang/ sud\ taay/
  136. pain/ache
  137. tummy
  138. have a cold
    bpen wad\
  139. extremely/ a lot
    maak^ lee_y
  140. go ahead/go further
  141. noise
    siangV rob/ guan
  142. go get
    bpay aw
  143. no time
    may^ mii weelaa
  144. in 2 weeks
    iik\ 2 aa tid/ kaang^ naa^
  145. all the time
  146. problem
    bpan haaV
  147. cold
  148. this afternoon
    baay\ nii/
  149. all afternoon
    tang/ baay\
  150. one Moment
    diawV na krab/
  151. right?
    ree_V krab/?
  152. what time/ when?
    dtoo_n nayV?
  153. return here
    glab\ maa
  154. life
  155. how is your life?
    chii wid/ bpen yangngay?
  156. to call + person
    too haaV + person
  157. cant chat
    kuy may^daay^
  158. maybe i will = i maybe
    pomV aad\ ja + V
  159. better than the other thing/person
    dii gwaa\
  160. sell well
    kaay dii
  161. sell better than b4
    kaayV dii ku_n^
  162. want to get
    yaak\ daay^
  163. want to buy
    yaak\ suu_/
  164. want to eat
  165. to comment
  166. news + good
    kaaw\ dii
  167. to wait
  168. heavy/weigh
  169. want to sell
    yaak\ kaayV
  170. no one
    may mii kray
  171. almost
  172. almost all of the amount
    gua_b\ tang/ mod\

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