History - WWII - Introducing Countries

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  1. What was the name of the leader from Italy?
    Benito Mussolini
  2. What was Benito Mussolini's nickname?
    Il Duce
  3. How did Italy's leader rise to power?
    He worked with those who thought they didn't get enough out of the Treaty of Versailles
  4. What is Benito Mussolini known for?
    • Making facism popular in Italy
    • Making his Facist Party strong enough to force the kind to declare him as head of the government
  5. What did Italy's leader ban?
    All political partied except for his Facist Party
  6. What did Benito Mussolini vow to do?
    Recapture the glory of the ancient Romans
  7. Which countries did Italy invade and annex?
    Ethiopia and Albania
  8. Who went to the League of Nations hor help?
  9. When Ethiopia went to the League of Nations, what happened?
    The League lacked power so it couldn't help and Italy withdrew from the League
  10. Who was the leader for Germany?
    Adolf Hitler
  11. Did the Great Depression effect Germany?
  12. How did Adolf Hitler rise to power?
    Bringing out people's concern about unchecked inflation and severe unemployment
  13. What is Germany's leader known for?
    Being chairman of the Nazi Party
  14. Hitler portrayed bitterness over the _______.
    Versailles Treaty
  15. Adolf Hitler was openly ______ especially to _______ (anti-Semitism)
    Racist - Jews
  16. Hitler became ________ (chief minister) and ended all democracy / established ________.
    Chancellor - totalitarian
  17. Germany formed an alliance with ________ to gain support in _________ plans.
    Itlay - expansionism
  18. Hitler wanter to gain back ______ that was lost in _______.
    Land - World War I
  19. What is facism?
    Extreme nationalism and racism
  20. What is a dictator and how do you become one?
    A leader who controls their nation by force and they become one once they gain political power
  21. What is anti-Semitism?
    Being racist against Jews
  22. What is totalitarian?
    Where a single party and it's leader suppress all opposition and control all aspects of people's lives
  23. Did Japan have a specific leaders
  24. Did the Great Depression effect Japan? If so, how?
    Yes, by bringing frustration to the government's failure to solve economic problems
  25. What did leaders think they could do to solve the economic problems in Japan?
    Expand Japan's power in Asia
  26. Where did Japan set up a government?
  27. What province did Japan attack?
  28. Japan invaded ________ and moved ______ until they nearly took over the whole country.
    Northern China - south
  29. Who did Japan form an alliance with?
    Germany and Italy
  30. What was the alliance that Japan signed called?
  31. Who was the leader of the Soviet Union?
    Joseph Stalin
  32. How did Joseph Stalin rise to power?
    By force
  33. What was the Soviet Union's leader was known for?
    Being the Communist leader
  34. Joseph Stalin demanded what?
    Full obedience from the people and the death of those who supported his rivals
  35. Where did Joseph Stalin send Russians?
    Labor camps
  36. What did Joseph Stalin do to the nation's economy? What happened as a result?
    Reorganized it - caused people to move onto government-owned farms
  37. America wanted to remain ______.
  38. What act did Congress pass? What did this act say?
    The Neutrality Act - banned the sale of weapons to nations at war and only allowed trade to nations that could pay cash for goods and could transport them by themselves
  39. Were American loans to European countries ever paid? If not, what did Congress want to do?
    No - prevent more debts
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