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  1. What is oxygen delivery (DO2)?
    • Determined by arterial oxygen content & cardiac output
    • Regulated by tissue metabolism and the overall demand for oxygen.
  2. What is oxygen consumption (VO2)?
    Determined by arterial and venous oxygen content difference and cardiac output, and oxygen extraction by the ratio of DO2 to VO2
  3. Name the oxygen transport variables
    • Oxygen delivery - DO2
    • Oxygen consumption - VO2
    • Oxygen extraction ratio - OER
  4. How does oxygen transport occur?
    By convection or diffusion
  5. What is convection and how is it determined?
    • Convection of oxygen refers to the movement of oxygen from the alveoli to the tissue capillaries.
    • It is determined by: hemoglobin concentration, oxygen satu­ration, & cardiac output
  6. What is diffusion and what is it determined by?
    • The diffusion of oxygen refers to the movement of oxygen from the capillaries to the mitochondria.
    • Diffusion is determined by metabolic rate, vascular resistance, capillary recruit­ment, tissue oxygen consumption, and extraction.
  7. What happens as DO2 & VO2 increase?
    As D02 and V02 increase, venous return, stroke volume, and heart rate also increase, thereby increas­ing cardiac output (CO).
  8. How is oxygen transported to the tissues?
    Oxygen is transported in arterial blood to the tissues in combination with hemoglobin (98%) and dis­solved in plasma (2%)
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