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  1. fine line restaurant
    monument street
  2. turkish mosque
    1 clissold road. sdol in from albion road
  3. clissold leisure centre
    clissold road - sdol in from albion road
  4. mildmay club
    mathais road - forced lol
  5. prague bar
    kingsland road - sdol s bound by lights
  6. bells of shoreditch
    kingsland road - sdol s bound near to waterson street
  7. telephone house
    paul street - in only from tabernacle st
  8. heron tower
    bishopsgate - cannont sdor
  9. mc queens pub/bar
    tabernacle street- lol, 1st l leonard st (forced left tho)
  10. inmarsat
    cowper st - in from tabernacle street
  11. prohibition bar
    bishopsgate -(gone) just above cornhill/ leadenhall st
  12. broadgate tower
    primrose street
  13. new moon pub
    gracechurch street- sdor southbound (next to leadenhall st market)
  14. bangalore restaurant
    corbett court/ off gracechurch st sdor
  15. mercers maiden stone
    corbett court/ off gracechurch st sdor
  16. ede & ravenscroft ec3
    gracechurch street - opp leadenhall mkt ent sdol north bound
  17. leadenhall market
    whittington ave (off leadenhall st) or leadenhall place (off lme street)
  18. club quarters hotel ec3
    gracechurch street -sdol n bound just past leadenhall st
  19. prism restaurant
    leadenhall street -opp whittington ave
  20. china wharf
    mill st -sdol @ end
  21. new concordia wharf
    mill st -sdol
  22. unity wharf
    mill st -sdol
  23. angel pub se16
    bermondsey wall east - near to cathay st/ daydeamer statue
  24. kings stairs close
    elephant lane
  25. saint marys church se16
    st mary church street
  26. norwegian church se16
    st olaves sq/ albion st
  27. fordham park
    pagnell street
  28. city business centre
    albion street/ lower road
  29. rotherhithe police station
    lower road
  30. toronto house
    surrey quays road- sdor in from lower road
  31. montreal house
    surrey quays road- sdor in from lower road
  32. china wall pub
    lower road
  33. orange place
    lower road -dead end rd just past gomm rd
  34. greenland pier
    rope street - in from sweden gate/ plough way
  35. baltic quay
    sweden gate - in from plough way
  36. stockholm road se16
    ilderton road -(millwall fc)
  37. BWA muslim cultural ctr
    clifton rise (BWA -banglasesh welfare association)
  38. city of london academy
    lynton road -simms rd/ beatrice road in sdol
  39. peckham civic centre
    old kent rd / on cnr peckham pk rd
  40. shornecliff road
    in via albany road exit l only onto old kent rd
  41. walworth academy
    in via albany road - sdol, exit l only onto old kent rd
  42. m. manze pie mash shop
    peckham hill street bang on lights -sdol in from peckham high st
  43. surrey square
    old kent road- access all areas just west of albany road
  44. camberwell college of arts
    peckham road- inbetween southampton way/ havill st
  45. south london gallery
    peckham road- inbetween southampton way/ havill st
  46. southwark town hall
    peckham road- inbetween southampton way/ havill st
  47. fox on the hill
    denmark hill
  48. camberwell police station
    camberwell church street
  49. angels + gypsies
    camberwell church st- sdol east bound
  50. pesh flower school & shop
    denmark hill -just past orpheous st s bound
  51. ruskin park
    denmark hill
  52. brixton village
    coldharbour lane- sdol east bound just past atlantic road
  53. camberwell bus garage
    warner road- off cmberwell new rd/ denmark road
  54. onion shed theatre
    lothian road. vassal rd/ langton rd/ lothian rd
  55. brixton overground
    atlantic road- r only onto brixdon rd, l only onto coldharbour lane
  56. jamm bar
    brixton road -sdol s bound just before loughbourough road
  57. lambeth town hall
    brixton hill -lol only forced l onto acre lane
  58. hoot a nanny pub
    effra road
  59. olive morris house
    brixton hill - lol gets baytree rd
  60. cheriton sq
    elmfield road -off balham high rd
  61. balham leisure centre
    elmfield road
  62. south beach bar
    brixton hill- sdol southbound past jebb ave
  63. cattle grid restaurant sw17
    balham station road
  64. boiled egg & soldier retaurant
    northcote road -(point gone) sdol southbound -now called "tamra"
  65. the bank pub sw11
    northcote road -sdol southbound
  66. the establishment bar
    battersea rise
  67. the merchant bar
    battersea rise
  68. battersea mess & music hall
    lavender gardens- in only from clapham cmn n side
  69. scoffers restaurant
    eccles road - sdol bottom end -
  70. battersea library
    lavender hill - sdol west bound just before lavender sweep
  71. overstrand mansions
    prince of wales drive sw8 -2 way in middle
  72. connaught mansions
    prince of wales drive sw8 -1 way part
  73. prince of wales mansions
    prince of wales drive sw8 -2 way by queens circus end
  74. ingate place
    quenstown road sw8
  75. e- bikes direct
    ingate place- off queenstown road sw8
  76. lost theatre
    wansdsworth road, part of lambeth college next to belmore street
  77. the nott pub
    wansdworth road - sdol s/w bound just past wyvill road
  78. artisen well pub
    wandsworth road. lol only, llambourne road, l broadhinton road, l north street
  79. lost society
    wandsworth road- next to artisen well pub
  80. lambeth college
    belmore street, off wandsworth road
  81. royal festival hall
    belverdere road
  82. hayward gallery
    belverdere road
  83. graphite sq
    vauxhall walk
  84. vauxhall city farm
    tyers street- in from kennington lane
  85. hidden club
    tinworth street
  86. tea house theatre
    vauxhall walk
  87. lambeth pier
    lambeth palace road
  88. tamesis dock
    albert embankment -floating restaurant
  89. perspective building
    100 westminster bridge road- sdol east bound before morley st
  90. morley college
    westminster bridge road- st georges rd in or king edward walk in. lol only
  91. churchill clinic
    lambeth road - opposite imperial war museum
  92. london ambulance hq
    waterloo road - cannont sdor (maybe use morley st?)
  93. mapham street
    york road in/ waterloo road out l/r
  94. hole in the wall bar se1
    mepham street
  95. bernie spain gardens
    upper ground. lol 1st r broadwall to stamford st
  96. finacial times
    southwark bridge road- sdol s bound
  97. doggets coat and badge pub
    sdol n bound blackfriars road - forced over blackfriars bridge
  98. crowne house
    southwark street- sdol east bound just past southwark bridge road
  99. crown prosecution service
    southwark bridge road/ rose court
  100. five kings house
    queen street place -more upper thames street forced left
  101. brixton library
    rushcroft road/ electric lane/ coldharbour lane
  102. ritzy sw9
    rushcroft road/ electric lane/ coldharbour lane
  103. brixton oval- effra road
    coldharbour lane/ rushcroft road* - *electric lane/ rushcroft road
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