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  1. pollan and obesity
    government 1970 policy of subsidies promoted over production of grain and people thusly have become obese
  2. mckibben
    the use of coal has increased standard of living but there is not enough to keep it going, we are know longer happy with just growth is not easily replaced
  3. white argues and criticism of whites argument.
    • modern sience is an extapolation of christian, as the most anthropocentric religion, natural theology. thinks we should share a view similiar to St. Francis
    • we should change our fundamentals so non human things can have instrumental value
    • criticism
    • science has not been all bad
  4. callicott arguement regarding others putting down applied ethics
    • philosophy should respect applied ethics.
    • reasons matter and philosophers should exploring issues that might not seem important to the public
  5. how does callicott see white
    callicott sees whites arguement as an example of what we should be doing in environmental ethics
  6. callicotts suggestions for moral theory
    • we should challenge inherited beliefs about nature(christian based)
    • callicott thinks we need new natural and moral philosophy based on science.
    • an evolutionary and ecological world view
  7. evolutionary and ecological world view perspectives
    • evolutionary- we have vlue similiar to every other creature
    • ecological- non humans have intrinsic value
  8. moral standing
    a being has moral standing if it has a right to be treated with respect
  9. self conscious moral agency
    we make decisions based on reasons and hold peopl accountable for the decisions they make
  10. moral agency
    the capability to act morally or immorrally
  11. singers arguement how does he think we should treat animals and general moral theory that would describe his views
    • all animals have moral standing and deserve respect, because animals have the ability to feel pain and pleasure as humans do
    • he does not think animals deserve equal treatment he does think they deserve equal consideration.
    • utilitarian
  12. critism of singers arguement
    singer does not go far enough
  13. sagoff arguement
    • environmentalis and conservationist should not be concerned with animal rights nature is cruel and we should not stop nature's cruelty
    • if species deserve rights it would be independant of there status on the endangered species list or how we feel about them, but we do not act in this way
  14. Rolston arguement how is it that things in his case have value
    animals defend their own lives because they have a value of their own, he says flowers and plants cannot care so why should we.
  15. taylor argues how does he view humans
    • respect of every living organism because all living things have a good of there own stones soil and mountains do not have a good of their own
    • humans are not superior beings
  16. teleological
    having a good of their own
  17. regan arguement
    he view that animals and humans have equal inherant value egalitarianism
  18. schmidtz agrument
    • can one argue eqalitarianism and also for human superiority.
    • schmidtz thinks that some animals are higher in terms of moral worth because they have more. plant chimp to humans
  19. singer and schmidtz compared.
    schmidtz thinks of organisms as having instrumental value where singer thinks animals have moral standing.
  20. schmidtz's view of equalitarianism
    equalitarianism is wrong because it takes down ans species we belief is special. human chimps dolphins
  21. deep ecology and assertion
    • looks at the intrinsic value of all human and non-human life intrinsic relations
    • all living thinks have equal rights to live and prosper biospherical equalitarianism
  22. according to deep ecologist what is important regarding species
    diversity it enhances survival
  23. sobers approach to environment
    we should develop aesthetic respect for nature it desearves it because it is beautiful.
  24. criticism of sobers aesthetic approach
    • it seems to be makin a stram man of environmental postions as few hold such positions
    • would aesthetics go far enough
  25. ecodeminism what are the two ways of the connection as well
    a correlation between the poor treatment of women and poor treatment of the environment.

    • some believe it is something in mens psych
    • some believe women have been identified with nature and men have been identified with culture and intellect and spirituallity
  26. liberal feminist
    argue for equal rights for women
  27. radical feminist
    argue for a change in perspective. changing public will not make a difference if the private remains the same
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