Muscle Actions 2

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  1. Pectoralis Major
    depressses and moves scapula anteriorly
  2. Serratus anterior
    raises tip of shoulder
  3. trapezius
    elevates, depressses , retracts scapula, extends head
  4. Rhomboid Major
    adducts scapula
  5. Rhomboid minor
    adducts scapula
  6. pectoralis major
    flexes and adducts arm
  7. Latissimus dorsi
    extends and adducts arm
  8. deltoid
    abducts arm (can also flex or extend)
  9. supraspinatus
    abducts arm
  10. infraspinatus
    lateral rotation of arm
  11. teres major
    medial rotation of arm
  12. teres minor
    lateral rotation of arm
  13. Subscapularis
    medial rotation of arm
  14. triceps brachii
    extends forearm and arm
  15. biceps brachii
    flexes forearm
  16. brachialis
    flexes forearm
  17. brachioradialis
    flexes forearm
  18. pronator teres
    pronates forearm
  19. supinator
    supinates forearm
  20. Flexor carpi radialis
    flexes and abducts hand
  21. flexor digitorum superficialis
    flexes fingers
  22. palmaris longus
    flexes hand
  23. flexor carpi ulnaris
    flexes and adducts hand
  24. extensor carpi radialis longus
    extends and abducts hand
  25. extensor carpi radialis brevis
    extends and abducts hand
  26. extensor digitorum
    extends fingers 2-5
  27. extensor digiti minimi
    extends finger 5
  28. extensor carpi ulnaris
    extends and adducts hand
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Muscle Actions 2
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