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  1. Whaich 2 periods do children experience growing pains?
    3-5 and 8-12 years old.
  2. What part of the day do growing pains strike most frequently?
    Late afternoon or evening before bed.
  3. Which Enfamil formula is made for frequent spit up? (>5x qd)
    Enfamil A.R.
  4. Which Enfamil formula is made for fussiness and gas?
    Gentlease or ProSobee (soy-based)
  5. Which Mead Johnson formula is made for babies w/ colic?
    Nutramigen Lipil.
  6. What are typical baby bottle sizes?
    • Newborns: 4 ounces (~120 ml)
    • Others: 8 or 9 ounces (~240-270 ml)

    *though there are 5 and 10 oz ones too
  7. When does the umbilical cord usually fall off? When should one get concerned/checked if it doesn't fall off?
    • 1-3 weeks.
    • Concern: 8 weeks
  8. What happens sometimes instead of the umbilical cord drying? How to treat?
    The cord will form a granuloma, (pink scar tissue.), which drains a light-yellowish fluid. This condition will usually go away in about a week, but if not, the pediatrician may need to burn off (cauterize) the granulation tissue w/ silver nitrate.
  9. What's normal to see around the umbilical cord while healing? What are signs to see the doctor?
    • Normal: crusting, dried blood
    • Caution Signs: 1) red and swollen around the cord
    • 2) Continues to bleed
    • 3) Oozes yellowish pus
    • 4) Produces a foul-smelling discharge
  10. Should one clean the umbilical cord?
    No longer recommended. Heal faster w/o touching it. Sponge baths in the meanwhile.
  11. When does a umbilical hernia resolve?
    Most (>90%) of cases self resolve by 2 years old (more for African Americans)
  12. What cream is often used for Diaper rash?
    What's the active ingredient?
    What does it do?
    What else is it used for?
    • Desitin.
    • Zinc Oxide.
    • Barrier between moisture and skin.
    • Burns, cuts, scrapes.
  13. What are similar cysts to milia in the mouth called? Where do they appear? When should they disappear?
    Epstein pearls usually appear on gums/roof of the mouth.They disappear w/in a few weeks (1-2) of life.
  14. How do Epstein's pearls appear? What are they frequently mistaken for?
    Small white to yellow bumps on a baby’s gums or on the hard palate, often mistaken for teeth.

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  15. What age is the most common to have diaper rash?
    9-12 months old.
  16. What % classify over-wt? Obesity?
    • Overweight:85%
    • obese: > 95%
  17. When do all the sinuses develop?
    • Maxillary & ethmoid at birth.
    • Frontal: by age 5-6
    • Sphenoid: 8-10
  18. How much wt can a baby lose in the 1st week? When should they gain it back?
    Can lose 5-10% in 1st wk, should gain back by 2nd-3rd week
  19. In the 1st 4 months, how much wt should a baby be gaining?
    5-7 oz per week
  20. In the 1st 12 months, how much length should the baby increase by per month?
    • 1 inch 1st 6 months
    • 1/2 inch next 6 months
  21. What percent of boys have fully retractable foreskin at birth? 3 yrs? Adults?
    • Birth: 4 %
    • 3 yrs: 90%
    • adults: 99%
  22. Neonatal Circumcision lowers risk of which diseases?
    UTIs, penile cancer, genital warts (not same as adult circumcision)
  23. Peds and derm:
    1-2 weeks:
    1-3 weeks:
    9-12 months
    2 yrs:
    3 yrs:
    4 yrs:
    5 yrs.
    8-12 yrs:
    9 yrs:
    • Peds and derm:
    • 1-2 weeks: milia & Epstein pearls
    • 1-3 weeks: umbilical cord fall off
    • 3-4weeks: baby acne
    • 9-12 months: diaper rash
    • 2 yrs: umbilical hernia resolve
    • 3 yrs: 90% foreskin retracted
    • 3-5: 1st growth pains
    • 4 yrs: mongolian spots resolve
    • 5 yrs. 50 %Hemangioma resolve
    • 8-12 yrs: 2nd growth pains
    • 9 yrs: 90% hemangioma resolve
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