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  1. What can you detect in the blood of type I DM?
    antibodies to islet cells
  2. DM I/II- genetic, environnmental, or both?
  3. What is the most important environmental factor causing DM II?
    obesity (really visceral since SQ doesn't matter as much)
  4. What causes blurry vision in DM I?
    lens exposed to hyperosmolar fluids
  5. What are some drugs that could affect fasting BG?
    diuretics, OCPs, steroids, niacin, phenytoin (also remember acute illness)
  6. Which vitamins have been reported to falsely lower HgbA1c results?
    Vit C and E
  7. The diabetes prevention program showed 150 min. of exercise qw lowered risk of progression of DM by how much? Metformin BID?
    exercise: by 71% compared to 31% w/ Metformin!
  8. What did the UKPDS show?
    in DM II, benefits of controlled BG (less microvascular complications) persists if controlled early, but bp (which also decreases microvascular complications) only last as long as bp is maintained.
  9. What should type II DM pts substitute CHO with?
    monounsat. fats (can lower TG and increase HDL)
  10. Sulfonylureas are contraindicated w/ what?
    severe liver or kidney impairment (metaboized by liver, excreted by kidney)
  11. Why glyburide half such long biologic axn despite short t1/2
    It's also sequestered in the B cells, and its metabolites also have hypoglycemic activity.
  12. When adding insulin, keep metformin and/or glitazones?
    yes, it's ok.
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